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A Few Words from theWordsmith, Julie Lauren

By Kaylia Clark


Lasell College alum Julie Bortnick Weinstein went from writing for POLISHED Magazine to writing for her own successful blog, Her passion for writing started when she was young, and she has turned it into a career. Now writing under the pen name Julie Lauren, Weinstein lives in and works out of Houston, Texas. Weinstein calls herself a writer, wordsmith, and creator; she has a natural way with words. With over 10 years of experience in print and online media, she has been featured in publications including the Huffington Post and Houston Brides. Although Weinstein majored in fashion and retail merchandising, her career has been more involved in the communications side of the industry. While living in New York City, she started a fashion and lifestyle blog, From Prosecco to Plaid, which she has recently renamed

“It mostly started as a blog on fashion,” said Weinstein, “but it took off in its own direction.”

The blog began to include content such as interviews with successful and inspiring individuals. 

Throughout her career, Weinstein has created an impressive résumé. She has worked for Oscar de la Renta during New York Fashion Week and was the senior sales assistant on the brand’s wholesale team. In addition, she has worked alongside Petra Nêmcová, starting as her assistant before becoming the head of operations for Nêmcová’s home decor brand, Be The Light New York. In November 2015, Weinstein released a book titled "Oops! An Insider’s Guide to Dating, Sex, and Relationships in Your 20s." From personal experience, Weinstein dishes out advice to men and women concerning dating, sex, and relationships. Through funny stories and blatant honesty, Weinstein shares the do’s and don’ts when it comes to dating, drama, and breakups. On her list of career highlights, Weinstein puts the book launch at the top.

Weinstein currently invests a lot of time writing for her blog. Her posts are inspired by talks with interesting people, magazine article readings, and personal connections.

“I could go get coffee with someone and the conversation will just inspire me to write,” said Weinstein. “I also jot down notes in my phone or notebook when I walk around.”

Her passion and authenticity show through her writing. Weinstein’s positive blog posts are engaging for the reader.

“You have to be yourself and write from your heart,” said Weinstein. “The passion shows through the writing. If you aren’t passionate about the topic, don’t do it.”

Besides writing and event coordinating, Weinstein also provides services to businesses to help them create and maintain their blogs. Throughout her career, she has learned a lot by connecting with professionals in various fields. For example, one of her clients owns a jewelry showroom — a trade she’s never worked with before. With new experiences like this one, Weinstein is able to expand her bright knowledge through the horizons of her clients.

Early in her life, Weinstein worked with big fashion names, launched her own website, and released a book. She took her passion and turned it into a career. As far as her future goes, Weinstein plans on writing more publications and basking in the limelight of her first piece of work.

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