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Safely Sunkissed

By Michaela Kotob


Blush Organic Sunless Tanning is changing the way we tan. Founded by Christina Kauffman in 2010, the local business has been booming since day one. We live in a generation where taking care of our bodies is in style, to say the least. Kauffman wanted to invent a flawless spray tan that would yield healthy, glowing, and natural skin, instead of leaving customers with orange or sun-damaged skin. Blush strives to promote natural beauty as well as self-care, and the company has expanded into other sunless tanning businesses with blushPRO®, a product line sold through a licensing program with the same core goals and values. According to the studio’s website, “Blushtan® was founded in response to the rising awareness of the harmful effects of UV exposure, with a vision to provide a guilt-free way for people to obtain the natural looking tan they desire.”  

Kauffman grew up in Maine and attended Bryant University in Rhode Island, where she received her B.S. in Marketing and Communication. After graduating, she worked in a corporate setting and was not a fan of the lifestyle. Years passed, and she started growing her family; at that time, she was also managing a tanning salon in Natick.  

“I’m Irish and don’t naturally tan, and I hated spray tans that made me orange. One day, I just thought to myself that I really wanted a tan that looked healthy and natural without the harm of tanning,” said Kauffman. Kauffman opened the first Blush in Wellesley Hills in 2010. “I remember how nervous I was, telling my parents that I was quitting my job and going into a business that I didn’t study in college. Of course they’re supportive now, after seeing my success!” said Kauffman.

Although she was not a fan of the outcome of spray tans and couldn’t tan in a bed, Kauffman still wanted to have beautiful and healthy glowing skin. When creating the formula for Blush spray tans, she placed high importance on the ingredients that went in and was concerned with what people would be putting on their skin.  

“We worked closely while creating our products and making sure everything going into them is 100 percent organic and healthy,” said Kauffman.

Blush differentiates itself from other tanning salons with its less-is-more mentality. The technicians are not trying to give the customers a dark-brown tan or fake orange glow; their goal is to make the customers look naturally beautiful. Most tanning salons ask customers to pick light, medium, or dark, but not everyone fits into those three categories.  

“We have over 150 different colors to customize for every skin type, which look completely healthy and natural. We have a large product line that makes us stand out,” said Kauffman.

In the future, Kauffman’s goal is to open more studios around the country.

"I’m a mom, so I can’t be everywhere at once, but I have a lot of salons that wanted an in on our products and wanted to collaborate, so we started the license program, where we provide the products and training so other salons can use our products,” said Kauffman.

The Blush Pro Program is a win-win model because their product line is known globally, and customers can find locations that are close to home. Blush partners with reputable brands that have the same goals and truly care about the industry they are in. When businesses want to launch Blush Pro, not only are they getting a well-known product for their customers, but they are also being educated and trained for the best possible outcome. After training, businesses are given a license that allows them to obtain the products and to provide the service of sunless tanning. Blush is providing salons professional development within the industry, both for their own growth and for the benefit of the community.  

“All licensed studios share our industry ideals and vow to maintain not just beauty, but also health and sunless education, as top priorities within the daily operations of their businesses. No matter which studio you visit, we promise to provide healthy, natural-looking results for every skin tone, every time,” said Kauffman.

A business owner does not need much experience to break into the sunless tanning industry. Anyone can buy products online and start a business with little to no training, which is why the tanning industry has a poor reputation. It is Blush’s goal to be highly and thoroughly trained – not only to provide the best service but also to know the product – for the best possible customer experience.

Blush’s newest venture? The company recently created a blog on its website where employees write articles about inspiring local women, success stories, beauty, and skin care.  

“We want to try and post once or twice a month as a way to get involved with the community in a way that’s not about promoting us, but more about our experience as a company and women feeling great about themselves overall,” said Kauffman. “I think once we really get it going, it will be a great addition to our company and our philosophy.”

562 Washington St., Wellesley, (781) 235-4067; @blushtanco

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