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Ground Breaking Bites

By Katherine Burke

Calling all vegans, vegetarians, and health-food lovers alike – look no further for deliciously satisfying juices and smoothies. Located on the corner of Walnut and Floral Streets in Newton Highlands, Broken Grounds Cafe offers a cozy environment for the health conscious with an extensive menu to ensure customers never leave hungry. The cafe’s vegan owner, 27-year-old Amelia Childs, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that welcomes all who enter.

Although she graduated from Lesley University with a major in photography, Childs spent all of her free time baking. After graduating, Childs worked multiple jobs for two years before taking a management position at a juice bar. Childs excelled at her position and took her newfound success as a sign to start a business in the food industry. In October 2015, Childs opened Broken Grounds to provide the community with tasty vegetarian and vegan options. Being the only vegan in her family empowered Childs to experiment with new recipes that were healthful but did not lack in flavor. An interest in spirituality and a concern for animal rights were the main reasons behind Childs’ switch to a vegan lifestyle.

“There’s so much more that goes into the meat industry people don't think about – packaging, the amount of water used, the impact on the ozone layer from having so much cattle around, what it’s doing to our land – it destroys it, the shipping, all of that. It’s all awful for our world and I feel badly for the animals,” said Childs.

Living a healthful lifestyle is very important to Childs. Originally, Childs wanted to open a coffee shop, but she says the universe had something else in mind.

“The universe has always pushed me towards this. I wanted a coffee shop, and the universe was like ‘No way, girl, you’re getting a juice bar,’” said Childs.

The strawberry fields acai bowl is a fan favorite and has customers coming back for more. A smooth blend of acai berries, strawberries, bananas, almond butter, and a little bit of apple juice lines the bottom of the dish. Topped with crunchy organic granola, fresh strawberries, and sweet bananas, this bowl is both savory and satisfying. The summer love juice, another customer favorite, is an enticing combination of beets, carrots, ginger, apples, and lemon. Childs’ personal favorite is the green dream smoothie, which is made from bananas, strawberries, organic soymilk, lettuce, and spinach.

“I take my menus very seriously — I’ve been doing it forever: Stuff that tastes good and is not too weird to eat. I didn’t want to do vegetarian food that scared people,” said Childs.

Hard work and dedication are essential components in the success of Broken Grounds. Childs wants customers to enter the cafe and feel welcomed, as if they are part of a community. Since opening, the Broken Grounds staff has committed loyal customers’ names and orders to memory by forming personal relationships. A sense of community is extremely important to Childs, and it is something she has always kept in mind. She believes in supporting local businesses and is constantly inspired by those around her, especially her mother and grandmother, both of whom are strong women who have encouraged her to break barriers.

“A young woman being able to own her own business is not possible in the majority of the world,” said Childs.

1182 Walnut St., Newton Highlands, (617)969-3535;; @brokengroundscafe

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