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Enovative Art

By Skylar Diamond


Fashion is one of the many ways we are able to express our individuality. Jaurice Jones, a student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, decided to take that ideology to the next level with his hand-painted clothing line, Enovative Art. The creation of Enovative Art was based on Jones’ childhood fascination with customizing clothing, which he then turned into a business.

“I never liked to look like anybody else, even though I wasn’t as stylish back then. So I went home and painted a clown holding up money and I wore it to school the next day,” said Jones. 

For Jones, the design process comes naturally. Music has a large impact on his life; he looks for the deeper meaning in the music he listens to. Movies are another influence on Jones’ design process. Currently, Jones is creating a new sweatshirt design based on the movie “Get Rich or Die Tryin’,” with singer/songwriter 50 Cent.

Social media inspires Jones when he is creating new pieces, ensuring that his designs stay relevant in the ever-changing fashion world. Not only does Enovative Art aim to help his clients express themselves, but it also allows Jones to be unique in his creations. Jones uses Instagram to see what is trending and to stay on top with his designs. Enovative Art allows clients to have options and not be limited to a single design.

As Jones has grown older, he has come to understand the practicality of clothing; he acknowledges that we need clothing versus needing pieces of art hung in our living space. With that in mind, Jones has the ability to appeal to his current or potential customers by giving them a two-for-one deal through selling artwork that has been painted onto clothing. His designs can be interpreted in many different ways, so there is a chance his client may see a design in a way he did not envision. Art is all about interpretation, and Jones welcomes his clients’ thoughts with open arms.

“...If you make something where someone can walk away thinking, ‘I learned something from that,’ that’s dope. That’s what I’m pushing more towards — creating something where people can walk away and have learned something from it," said Jones.

Enovative Art’s logo and name have undergone many changes. During the earlier stages of the brand, Jones felt the names and images he was using were not sticking. After trial and error, he landed on a golden crown broken into three triangles and three lines, one under the other. This very popular crown design holds a much deeper meaning than one might think.

“I used to call myself ‘King this’ and ‘King that’ when I was younger, so I switched up the crown with my brothers and myself...The logo is based off of royalty and loyalty, staying true to yourself, and doing what you want to do,” said Jones.

Jones knows what it feels like to be just starting out as a brand and going through hits and misses to get to where he is today. The hardships he has faced have not stopped him from pursuing what he is truly passionate about. As his brand climbs in popularity, he has not forgotten his roots, and he offers advice to people just starting their brands.

“Of course you’re going to have a million different ideas of what you to want to do, but focus on one and try to get that one piece out there…when you don’t have people in your corner, just push yourself,” said Jones.; @enovativeart

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