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Legit Activewear: Where Luxury, Fashion, And Fitness Meet

By Meghan Sapienza

Legit Activewear in Wellesley is more than just a standard fitness store—it is a triple threat, selling luxury, fashion, and fitness. When asked how she got started, Lisa Goldberg, the founder of Legit, said, “I had always been interested in fashion and I saw activewear [or athleisure] as a huge trend that was ready to explode.”

Legit’s products feature some of the most sought-after designers in the fashion fitness industry, such as Stella McCartney for Adidas, Michi, Varley, Lurv, Nesh, and Spiritual Gangster. Most of the products sold in-store are almost impossible to find anywhere else, which gives customers the opportunity to touch, feel, and try on products that typically can only be found online.

As customers walk into the store, located behind Bertucci’s at 380R Washington Street, they are instantly greeted by Goldberg, who is excited to talk, dress, and build connections. She decided to open her store in Wellesley, as she believed it would do really well, considering there are no other stores like it in the area.

“I love to help customers feel good about themselves; a lot of customers had no motivation to go to the gym before they came into Legit, but now they do because they have new, stylish gear to work out in,” said Goldberg.

Legit opened in April 2015 and has been growing ever since. Goldberg’s most devoted customers make weekly, private appointments with her to try on the store’s newest arrivals.

“I have customers coming in that are as young as 28 and as old as 65. It is amazing because my 65+ customers have the greatest bodies. They can wear pretty much anything that my younger customers wear,” said Goldberg with a laugh.

Collaborating with local gyms and lifestyle coaches, Goldberg likes to provide anywhere from two to three in-store events per month. These are usually private events and include champagne, music, and finger foods.

“Collaborations are a great way of reaching new clientele. The local gyms and lifestyle coaches that we work with often get to offer their top 20 customers a special discount at Legit, which benefits both of us in the long run,” said Goldberg.

Although Legit is considered an upscale store, Goldberg makes sure she has some products priced under $100, in an attempt to appeal to a wide demographic. Goldberg described her customers as “fashionable workout-aholics.”

“In any part of the fashion industry, it is really important to keep up on the latest trends by visiting trade shows in big cities like New York and Los Angeles. Running a successful store is all about continually turning inventory over and adding new products,” said Goldberg.

Goldberg’s secret weapon is her customer service. She enjoys going above and beyond to make customers happy by offering them the most convenient, easy, and fun experience while shopping in her store.

“It makes me proud to say that my customers leave my store with an even greater sense of confidence. I love knowing I had a part in making that happen,” said Goldberg.

Focusing on a niche market, Goldberg works very hard to promote herself, both locally and throughout the United States, on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. However, much of her success comes from good, old-fashioned word-of-mouth.

“My customers love to tell their friends about the products they are wearing, especially during boxing or Soulcycle classes; I call it Soulcycle talk,” said Goldberg with a smile.

Goldberg’s most recent project is her e-commerce site, which she hopes to launch in the near future. With this, she hopes to build her client base by targeting a new, online market.

“I am not looking to do much more expanding, besides the e-commerce work I am doing right now. I love being the neighborhood luxury fashion fitness store and I am in a great place right now,” said Goldberg.

Follow Legit Activewear on Instagram (@legitactivewear) and Facebook. 

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