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The Untold Story: Staying Constant With Michael Constantino

By Krista DeJulio

Find a microphone. Find a computer. Find software. Find friends. That is how Michael Constantino would advise a musician who is looking to break into the music industry. Twelve years later, he is still doing what he once did with friends as a sophomore in high school: writing and creating music. However, he was never in a band, as he always knew he wanted to be a solo artist.

“I’ve felt like I’ve always wanted to be a solo artist. I like working with other artists, but I’ve been writing for so long that I feel like I have so many of my own thoughts and ideas that I kind of just want to do myself,” said Constantino.

He played his first gig at McGann’s Irish Pub in Boston right after graduating high school and calls the experience a disaster.

“I was staring at the ground. You’re watching yourself and you’re like, ‘Mike, just look up, just look up,’” said Constantino.

Raised in North Andover, 28-year-old Constantino grew up watching and playing sports, riding a skateboard, and being a regular kid. While he still works a nine-to-five sales job, he has become a successful and popular Boston musician. He dabbles with the piano and guitar and even plays piano in a few of his songs. Although he raps, Constantino calls his genre of music pop because he also sings.

As a child of divorced parents, Constantino found comfort in music. He listened to music as a way to occupy his time alone and soon became obsessed with listening and burning mix CDs. Constantino eventually had at least 300 burned CDs of all different types of music. As his love grew, Constantino began writing his own music.

“Once I found music and really started listening to music, that was it. I honestly just wanted to be a professional at something. I was really into sports. Everything I took on I wanted to be the best at it. I wanted to be a superstar,” said Constantino. “I feel like I’m kind of the untold story. I’ve done a lot.”

Constantino has played more than 100 shows in the Boston area and radiates hometown pride. He claims to have performed at least once at almost every venue in Boston, naming Middle East and Icon as two of his favorites.

Constantino went by his last name for a while, but he wants to bring his first name into the equation. However, his success as a musician is his main focus.

“For a long time I just went with Constantino. The cool thing about using Michael Constantino is that I’m still Constantino...Even Constantino is 12 letters, so it’s kind of a lot,” said Constantino.

Constantino is self-managed—even creating his own website, and mixing his own music—whereas other artists have a management team behind them. He hopes to one day tour the entire United States and then the world, eventually moving to California and offering other young artists the mentoring he never received.

“It really means a lot to me—it means the world to me—when people support my music and just listen to it and enjoy it and come out to the shows,” said Constantino. “I’m just a regular guy with a huge dream.”

Constantino has approximately 25 songs written and recorded for a potential full-length album, and he released a six-song EP last April called Brand New. Every Monday Constantino also releases a mash-up, in which he records a cover of a song and incorporates one of his own songs, or raps into the end of the song. In his home studio, Constantino records vocals twice a week and mixes and produces them all by himself.

Like many Boston-based musicians, Constantino is able to admit Boston is not the best city in the country for music prosperity, but he stays positive. He is proud of his city and takes advantage of the small city by getting to know all of the music venues. His family, friends, and musical associates never fail to support him, and he is more than grateful for them.

“I love performing. I’m very energetic. I’m very passionate about what I do. Sometimes I scare myself with how determined I am. Once I start something I don’t want to stop. Music has changed the course of my life because I’m just gonna keep going until I get the world tour, and until I get the major record deal, I’m not going to stop,” said Constantino.

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