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track, tracksmith, runningTracksmith: No Days Off

By Rebecca Douglas

People always tell each other that they’re going to make it, going to get there, but where are they going? More important, how do they even get there? Today, everything is faster than ever. Technology is top notch; competition is at an all-time high. Life never stops. No days off. For the company Tracksmith of Wellesley, this isn’t just a metaphor; Tracksmith makes it a mantra.
Tracksmith is a luxury running company. Combining old-school concepts with new-school textiles and marketing, Tracksmith is paving the way for athletic brands to come. Tracksmith reaches its customers by igniting a passion and drive for running; most exquisite, however, is the brand’s motto: “No Days Off.” Not only does the company inspire performance on its website, but it also advertises a “No Days Off” calendar. “Free with Commitment” is the stipulation for receiving the calendar. What does “No Days Off” really mean? “People run for so many reasons, you know. Some people run for competition and some just run for pleasure, so you can really take it how you want it,” said Taylor Bickford, communication lead at Tracksmith.
Because there are no actual stores, everything is sold through the website. Although customers cannot hold the product before ordering it, Tracksmith’s packaging creates a sense of luxury fit for its products. If Tracksmith loves anything besides running, it is detail, as in its light brown paper envelope stamped with a lush red rabbit. While many online companies utilize generic packaging, Tracksmith believes in connecting with the customer and providing products that exude high quality in all aspects of marketing.
Of interest is Tracksmith’s modern take on old-school track style. Inspired by Ivy League fashion, the luxury running products bring a touch of nostalgia. One of the most striking pieces is a pair of Bislett Pants, described as “the best running pants ever designed.” The color alone is stunning, a deep scarlet. Known as the Elliot Stretch, the four-way stretch fabric has a matte look. These year-round pants are also completely water repellent. With a reflective stripe up and down the sides, perfectly placed ankle zippers, and Italian elastic stirrups, there’s not a stitch out of place. A favorite detail is the combination of colors in the waistband; a light blue and white pinstripe lines the waistband and contrasts with the rich scarlet.
Another favorite product is the Van Cordlant singlet, reflective of the brand’s Ivy League inspiration. The white diagonal stripe on the green shirt is reminiscent of Cornell’s “sashing” ceremony dating back to the late 1800s, when runners earned a stripe for scoring at the league championship. Made of Swiss mesh fabric, the singlet has a lightweight and breathable finish embellished with a rabbit patch as logo.
As for the future, the brand has just unveiled its women’s line for spring. “We are all very excited about it,” said Bickford. “Women don’t need ruffles; we’re just as hardcore. The designs are going to be very similar to men’s, but with different cuts to complement the feminine silhouette. There will also be some new colors to see in this upcoming collection.”
You can see the collection at as well as on social media.

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