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Sweet Kingdom

By Sarah Gelineau

Nestled in a long stretch of bars, markets, and liquor stores, there is a little shop called Sweet Kingdom. From the outside, it looks like a brightly lit, clean, and overall happy place. Take a walk inside, and the scent of fresh mangoes permeates the air and infuses the shop with a joyful feeling. This little cafe is a Chinese and Taiwanese dessert shop open until 2 a.m. whose offerings are even sweeter than its name.
Sweet Kingdom, which opened in January 2015, chose Boston for college students and cold weather. From the bright and colorful decor large hyacinth flower decals on the walls, lime-green booths, and a kitschy wooden chandelier to the helpful and friendly staff, this shop has everything. Upon entering, the customer is welcomed by a waitress, shown to a table, and given a tablet to order. The process can best be described as eBay for desserts; parties can browse the menu, select the items they want, and then add them to their cart. Once the customer has ordered, the waitress will take back the tablet.
The wait isn’t long, as desserts are brought quickly and presented in an aesthetically pleasing way. The menu offers a wide range of desserts, including the Mango Kingdom, which contains a cold concoction of mango chunks, boba balls of different sizes and textures, and a dollop of mango ice cream. In addition, there are various smoothies such as the honeydew, as well as a mango durian pancake, which consists of a thick crepe-like wrapper filled with cream, durian, and a juicy hunk of delicious mango.
Kelly Song, one of the managers at Sweet Kingdom, provides expert customer service. Her favorite part of her job is the decor and overall atmosphere of the store. Her wish is for the store to gain more young customers, especially students, and to market to that group. The customers commented, “The mood is quite happy and relaxing... I love how the desserts are sweet but not overpowering.”
Though Sweet Kingdom has not been open for very long, it has had a very promising start. The cafe is located at 145 Harvard Avenue in Boston, with the T only a short walk away. The shop has the most delectable of goodies at a fair price. For more information, call the shop at (617) 782-0368.

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