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Angie, Cornacchio, Angie CornacchioA Girl and her Kicks

Interviewed by Meghan Sapienza

For business-savvy Angie Cornacchio, having one passion is not enough. Founder of Cornacchio Communications and blog SceneandStyle, the fashion guru spends her time reporting events around Boston, Providence, and New York City. Her Instagram and her fashion column on her website update followers on new creations by local upcoming designers. One would think Cornacchio would be satisfied with her successful fashion business, but a greater passion is on her to-do lis: to become a professional soccer player. Cornacchio was recently able to combine her love for the sport with another passion of hers, writing, in her new book, The Player Diaries, which was released this year. This fascinating memoir documents her training and struggles as she prepared to try out for the Boston Breakers soccer team.
While fashion and writing play a significant role in Cornacchio’s life, her heart truly lies on the soccer field. Like many girls, Cornacchio began playing soccer at a young age, and the sport was “an immediate attraction” for her. She fell in love with soccer and continued to play through college into adulthood. Today, playing for her hometown team remains her main goal. “Boston’s my home and I would love to play for my hometown team. Sometimes it’s not easy; it’s a challenge, but any type of training is geared towards trying to stay here in Boston,” said Cornacchio.
In The Player Diaries, Cornacchio narrates her endeavor to try out for the Boston Breakers. Fashioning the book in the style of an actual diary, Cornacchio narrates her thought process and invigorating self-discipline as she prepares her mind and body to be put through the wringer at a professional tryout. Throughout the book, Cornacchio discloses details about her life, including her management of a tightly booked schedule with a blossoming dream in the works. The ambitious author sheds a light on her own faults in The Player Diaries, yet she never fails to express a refreshing amount of pride and confidence in her ability.

One central motif in The Player Diaries is the hardships that women face as athletes, even in 2015. While playing professionally in Italy, Cornacchio realized the difficulties women face around the world. “I’ve always wanted to go to Italy and play and see the game and everything. It was amazing to be there; it’s just so funny to see that woman athletes have so much up against them no matter what,” she said.
However, Cornacchio seems to defy those odds. She continues to pursue her diverse passions, looking to emulate the successes of role models like professional soccer player Mia Hamm and designer Diane von Furstenberg. Cornacchio seems to share an awe-inspiring work ethic with these determined idols, throwing herself into everything she pursues. Cornacchio admitted, “I am constantly busy. I just enjoy it – I do. The further you get in life, the more you have to focus. I’m just trying to narrow things down right now. I’m trying to focus on the writing, and, you know, soccer can’t last forever.”
In The Player Diaries, which can be purchased on Amazon, Cornacchio draws on her combined passions. Although a sports career does have a shelf life, Cornacchio is working harder than ever to get to where she wants to be as an athlete, and she has given herself a writing career to fall back on in the process.
Always adapting to the world around her, Cornacchio is a moving example of a woman who has never stopped chasing her dreams. While she has been busy applauding the achievements of acclaimed designers and athletes, she has become an inspiration herself. To those in awe of all her successes, Cornacchio lends some advice: “Stay focused on what you love and be true to it. You can’t be successful unless you give it everything you have. In order to give it everything you have, you’ve got to stay focused.”

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