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The Art of Flecking

By Julie Young

Walking through the doors of the brand-new Fleck Coffee in Newton Highlands is like entering the inside of a fun and vibrant coffee bean. This chic coffee shop is filled with an aroma that will excite any coffee lover.
Fleck, which opened on February 9, 2015, has already received rave reviews. Fleck owners Eric Spackman and Robin Colby had been preparing for their opening since the summer of 2013, ensuring that everything would be ready for customers. This had been Colby’s dream for a long time. The two business partners had known each other for years, and when Colby introduced the idea of opening the shop, Spackman was on board. This had been Colby’s dream for a long time. Colby decided Spackman would be a great business partner because of his culinary and business background.
Fleck Coffee derives its name from tiger flecking: the tiny coffee chips in the creme top of an espresso shot. The two partners carefully selected their baristas prior to the opening, training them to value presentation as well as appealing flavor. Paired with savory pastries such as the chocolate chip cookies, blueberry muffins, and chocolate chip scones from Trill Foods and Nashoba Brook Bakery, Fleck’s cappuccino, hot chocolate, and iced vanilla latte are irresistible. People from all over Boston will want to visit this warm and bright shop. Entering Fleck Coffee, the customer will notice the purple walls and metallic gray floral ceiling. The artwork on the walls is created by Colby’s grandmother. Spackman hopes that someday the walls will feature local artists and art exhibits.
Fleck serves Counter Culture Coffee, which is roasted in North Carolina. Spackman said, “Coffee is a fruit; people don’t know or think about that, but this new movement in coffee is to think about the flavors in the coffee, instead of roasting to a specific flavor file.”
Fleck makes a fresh batch brew every morning and also offers a pour-over coffee option. Spackman said, “Fleck makes sure the water is at the right temperature, the grind is at the right setting, and the coffee is extracted properly.” He continued, “We are standing there right in front of the coffee watching it brew and making sure that all of these things happen, which is really awesome because then we know we are serving a good cup every time.”
Hosting different events at the chic coffee shop is also something the business hopes to achieve. In addition, Speckman and Colby are constantly working on new brewing methods, coffee flavors, and different recipes for coffee. “It’s fun to experiment and see what works well together,” said Spackman.
Spackman and Colby are focused on getting the shop off to a good start. The ultimate goal for their business is to be popular within Newton and evemtually own a second location. Down the road, they would like to make their own pastries and have a wide variety of drink options.
Fleck Coffee takes a new approach to coffee. The shop is located right across the street from the Green D Line Newton Highlands stop. Visit their website at

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