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Blackbird Doughnuts

The kitchen of Blackbird Doughnuts is a cozy space, visible to all through a glass wall. Trays of colorful doughnuts, oozing with icing and dotted with sprinkles, await purchase by hungry visitors. Located in South Boston, the artisanal doughnut shop has been open only since January 2015 and has already amassed a fan base of loyal customers...

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Amorino, meaning “the little angel with whom you fall in love,” is a gelateria famous for its rose-shaped gelato and is a must-see on the list of things to do in Boston. Offering a unique gelato specially made in France, the business strives to make each visit memorable...

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In a Pickle

Located on the corner of Moody Street and Crescent Street in Waltham, a bright green awning emblazoned with In a Pickle attracts a crowd of customers eager to indulge in a cuisine that is among the tastiest Boston has to offer...

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Take a Bite of Authenticity

When walking into The Haven, Boston’s only Scottish restaurant, the diner is comforted by thematic plaid pillows, old-fashioned portraits on the walls, and beautifully crafted antler chandeliers. The Haven resembles a classic pub in Glasgow, Scotland...

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