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Local Spotlight: Date My Wardrobe

By Skylar Daimond and Brianna Serio

One step into Boston’s Saks Fifth Avenue and luxury apparel from high-profile designers like Maison Margiela, Alexander McQueen, and Giorgio Armani are within an arm’s reach. Local designers, however, have difficulty making their way into high-end department stores like Saks. Enter Amrita Aviyente, creator and CEO of Date My Wardrobe, an app that allows users to rent high-end clothing and accessories from designers in the Boston area. With just the click of a button—or, more appropriately, the touch of a fingertip—users are able to wear local luxury apparel at a fraction of the cost. Users can rent the items for the standard four-day period or choose to extend the rental at an additional cost. In addition, users can purchase or save items to a wish list within the app or through their website.

The idea for Date My Wardrobe came to Aviyente when she was traveling to see friends from high school but had nothing to wear. An experienced software engineer, Aviyente’s tech background encouraged her to fill the gap in the market and create an app that satisfied every woman’s ultimate woe—I have nothing in my closet.

“I had the right shoes but not a good dress to go with them, so I wished there was someone I could borrow a dress from just for the night and give it back the next day,” said Aviyente.

The logo for Date My Wardrobe, which is the infinity symbol, represents a woman’s desire to try new things and purchase new clothing for different events or occasions. Designer apparel is desirable to many women, but the cost aspect is what turns most people away from taking a chance on a new designer’s merchandise or a new trend. By pairing luxury products with a rental mentality, users are able to experience a whole new world of design without the fear of commitment or of disliking the garment. This noncommittal atmosphere encourages users to keep coming back for more and, once users are comfortable with their decision, may even result in a purchase.

“Here in Boston, we are looking for where the minimum retail is $250 for any dress, so that renting a $250 dress will make sense. It also depends on the quality of work, how long they have been there, what people are saying about them,” said Aviyente.

When the app was first launched in 2014, it only allowed customers to rent items to one another. Most customers were wary of renting their personal items to strangers, but they liked the concept of renting clothing. Upon hearing this feedback, Aviyente searched for local designers who were willing to rent out their merchandise. Date My Wardrobe now has six local designers featured on the app— Candice Wu, Denise Hajjar, Shaunt Sarian, Colette Chrétien, Jeffrey Dickerson, and Maria Bablyak. Denise Hajjar and Shaunt Sarian also offer handbags, and Maria Bablyak designs silk scarves.

Aviyente has always encouraged females to immerse themselves in technology-based fields, as technology is typically a male-dominated profession. Learning to code is an excellent way for people to understand the mechanics behind the scenes for simple daily tasks. Browsing the internet, opening up Facebook on a phone, or even customizing a layout for a blog are all tasks that require coding.

“To women, I would say learn how to code. Get into the tech field... It’s not just for guys, at all. Then sometimes, do what you love, but then at the same time make wise decisions. Sometimes it is okay to go with your instincts,” said Aviyente.

Just like a great pair of heels, the Date My Wardrobe app is a necessity for any woman who wants to look luxurious without draining her bank account for a single item. Date My Wardrobe plans on expanding once the Boston location is stable and successful. Next stop, New York City.

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