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Prehistoric Freshness

By Amelia Bickford

Bagels are an essential breakfast menu item, but what about a bagel paired with a dinosaur? Well, there is a first time for everything. What started as an idea in owner Mary Ting Hyatt’s head turned into a bagel-bodied dinosaur logo created by her graphic designer friend, and the rest is, well, history. Hyatt opened the bakery and café in October 2014, with the name Bagelsaurus stemming from a logo that had already been created.

“I had an idea in my head for a logo, and the name kind of fit in,” said Hyatt. “I wanted a fun and playful logo, nothing too serious.”

The logo is cute and draws the attention of kids and families. Hyatt describes Bagelsaurus as a modern bagel bakeshop and cafe for all ages.

The menu at Bagelsaurus has a variety of options. Lunch offerings include The Classic Jumbo, Eggspanōla, Hot Smoked, T-Rex, Chicken Salad, and a BLT. The most popular sandwich that Bagelsaurus serves is The Classic Jumbo, which is a simple egg and cheese topped with mustard and butter.

The shop’s bagels have a slightly different taste than the New York-style bagel that most are familiar with. Each bagel is handmade and slow-fermented, using only five ingredients and a decades-old sourdough culture. The handmade bagels are available in plain, sea salt, pretzel, seeded wheat, cinnamon raisin, sesame, poppy, everything, black olive, pumpernickel, onion, cheddar garlic, and bialy, which is a flatbread roll topped with onions. A single bagel can be purchased for $2.50, or a half dozen can be purchased for $13. Various spreads are also offered, such as cream cheese, salted butter, mustard butter, house-made almond butter, beet hummus, and jam.

“We have unique spreads...which is a unique offering. They often go really classic or mix it up,” said Hyatt.

Hyatt’s favorite bagel on the menu to enjoy is the Black Olive, which is made with oil and black olives and pairs well with a mustard spread or butter.

“Customers love or hate that one usually. It is kind of the divided one. They’re not used to black olives in bagels,” said Hyatt.

The bakery also offers other baked goods, such as oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and banana coffee cake. Coffee, cucumber lemonade, San Pellegrino, and orange juice are offered as well.

The best time to stop by Bagelsaurus is around the holidays, when seasonal bagels are offered. Chocolate bagels are specially made around Valentine’s Day and Easter, apple spice bagels are made during the fall, and cheese balls with bagel chips on the side are created during Christmastime; the cheese balls are perfect when hosting a cocktail party.

“It’s one of the best sellers during that time of year,” said Hyatt.

Hyatt has been in the food industry since 2007, when she moved to Massachusetts. After starting out in restaurants, she realized she wanted to have her own business. She began exploring the different areas of culinary art to discover which route she wanted to follow.

“I started out in restaurants, live cooking, and fine dining,” said Hyatt. “That’s when I realized that I’m more of a day person than night. I found that bakery hours were well suited to me.”

1796 Massachusetts Ave., Boston, (857) 285-6103;

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