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If the Shoe Fits

By Sarah Reese

When it comes to designer footwear, many think of luxury brands like Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, and Stuart Weitzman. Labels of this caliber often come at a steep price, forcing average consumers to seek out cheaper alternatives. M.Gemi, a Boston-based e-commerce shoe company, has reimagined this idea of unattainable luxury. The Italian footwear company is dedicated to providing noteworthy quality at a reasonable price for its customers.

“At M.Gemi, we’ve realized that true luxury is about the quality of your products, not a specific brand name. We have built our brand from the ground up by focusing on the finest materials, detailed Italian craftsmanship, and trend-right updates on classic silhouettes,” said Cheryl Kaplan, president of M.Gemi.

Standing apart from the name-brand-driven luxury shoe industry, M.Gemi has set out to keep costs low. The company makes it possible for shoppers to obtain stylish footwear without compromising the integrity of the product or breaking the bank. M.Gemi is able to do so by selling its product outside of a retail setting.

“By selling directly to consumers, we are able to cut out traditional retail markups and offer true luxury at an approachable price point,” said Kaplan.

Since its inception a year ago, M.Gemi has attracted a faithful following. The company aims to create lasting products that keep its customers happy and coming back for more. The success of the company thus far is a clear reflection of the importance M.Gemi places on its customers.

“M.Gemi’s success is driven by our customers’ loyalty. We are proud to create products that stand the test of time and that our shoppers can wear season after season. We are thrilled at how many M.Gemi shoppers become repeat customers who share their excitement for the brand with family and friends,” said Kaplan.

Though it is still a fairly new company, M.Gemi has already begun to make its mark on the fashion industry, raising the standard for shoe making. Forget about mass-produced shoes that will only be in style for one season, or shoes that will last a year before falling apart; M.Gemi’s shoes are handmade in Italy in small, family-owned factories that are devoted to their craft. The extreme pride and dedication to detail that goes into every pair of shoes is what sets M.Gemi apart from the competition.

“Craftsmanship is the central reason we started M.Gemi. We saw the incredible quality of heritage shoemakers in Italy, work that small factories have perfected over generations, and we were inspired to bring these time-honored styles to the U.S. market,” said Kaplan.

Bringing back timeless classics is something that M.Gemi is constantly working toward. The company aims to transform past styles, incorporating updated and modern twists. The designs not only are fashion forward but also are updated weekly, providing a variety of style options for customers to choose from.

“M.Gemi provides the perfect medium for customers that appreciate both newness and the value of lasting craftsmanship. Since new pieces are debuted every Monday, our customers are constantly excited to see what is new and order before each limited-edition style runs out,” said Kaplan.

The company has experienced success with pop-up stores in Los Angeles and in the SoHo district of New York City. Allowing the customer to see the actual product is something that M.Gemi finds important. Although future plans to establish an actual store are brewing, the company is reveling in the convenience associated with e-commerce.

Given today’s fast-paced fashion climate, waiting for something has become almost a foreign concept. With the click of a button, consumers have the world in their hands. This push to make products quickly accessible has resulted in many companies resorting to mass production. M.Gemi, however, strives to keep up with consumer demands, while maintaining handcrafted artistry.

“All of our styles are carefully produced by master craftsmen to ensure the utmost quality…They are brought to our shoppers in a fast-paced and exciting way, providing the shoes they need, exactly when they need them,” said Kaplan.

It is clear that M.Gemi designs shoes with passion and purpose. The company’s refreshing approach toward succeeding in such a competitive market places customer satisfaction above all. The e-commerce site acts as the perfect place for the fashion-conscious, frugal shopper. Look out, Boston, because M.Gemi is changing everything we know about luxury footwear. With beautiful shoes, quality craftsmanship, and an impeccable reputation, M.Gemi already has heads turning.

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