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By Meghan Sapienza

Primark, one of Europe’s leading fashion retailers, opened in Dublin in 1969. In September 2015, the retailer officially arrived in Boston; this was the first Primark storefront to open in the United States.
Located in Downtown Crossing, the 77,000-square-foot store features four floors—the first two floors are for women’s clothing, the third is for menswear, and a children’s wear and a home goods section share the fourth floor. Primark also has 84 dressing rooms and 73 cash registers. The retailer appeals to trendy young adults who are looking for affordable fast fashion.
“The planning of our Northeast entry has been a labor of love, and we are thrilled to introduce the Primark experience to Boston,” said Jose Luis Martinez de Larramendi, President of Primark U.S.
For years, international style trends have been one step ahead of American fashion. Designers from the United States are routinely taking inspiration from international fashion capitals such as London and Paris. Although this is the first time Americans have heard of Primark, it is safe to say that it will quickly become a favorite. Similar international fast-fashion retail chains, such as H&M and Zara, have proven to be successful in the United States. However, how long will this international fashion craze last? And how fast will it spread throughout the U.S.?
While being original is ideal, it is not dishonorable to take inspiration from international designs. In the fashion industry, it is common to see different countries’ styles blend together. However, as New York City remains a fashion capital, we should strive to distance ourselves from letting international fashion retailers take over.
Overall, Bostonians have embraced the beginning of the Primark invasion. “Primark has brought jobs and increased economic activity to our residents and visitors, and we are grateful they chose Downtown Crossing as the site of their first Northeast location,” said Mayor Marty Walsh.
Primark is known for its amazing fashion and amazing prices. “In addition...we’re committed to providing exceptional service through our customer promise of an easy, caring, and fun experience...a value that will be a focus both in Boston and as we continue to grow,” said de Larramendi.
Primark currently operates over 250 stores throughout eight different countries and has announced plans for another seven stores across the Northeast. Look out for stores in Burlington, Massachusetts; Danbury, Connecticut; Freehold, New Jersey; Braintree, Massachusetts; Staten Island, New York; and Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.

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