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Under The Sea

Boston-based swimwear designer Karina Bresnahan had a colorful start with the fashion industry. Bresnahan was always interested in a creative career and began with cosmetology. “While going to hair school, I realized I loved creating and designing. From there I proceeded to the School of Fashion Design [in Boston],” said Bresnahan. There, Bresnahan realized her niche was in swimwear apparel design. Bresnahan grew up in Massachusetts and feels strong pride for Boston; she said the local designers support one another. However, Bresnahan does find designing for Boston’s climate to be a bit difficult. “The challenge with Boston is...

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Legit Activewear

Legit Activewear in Wellesley is more than just a standard fitness store—it is a triple threat, selling luxury, fashion, and fitness. When asked how she got started, Lisa Goldberg, the founder of Legit, said...

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Operation BENRUS

While some companies have strayed from the values they were founded on, BENRUS, a military-inspired lifestyle brand located in Providence, Rhode Island, has remained true to its...

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Confessions of A Cosmetologist

Society now moves so quickly that we forget to take time to evaluate whether we like the things we do. If there is one thing to be learned from Amanda McCarthy, 39 and owner of AMB Cosmetics, it is to always...

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The Future of Fashion

Today we live in a digitally driven society, so it is natural for fashion designers, scientists, and engineers to join forces and take on the world. We have come to expect...

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