Ed Hardy “Tattoos” at Boston’s Wonder Bar

By Mercedes Garcia-Bancroft

From the West Coast to the East Coast, Jeremy Jackson, formerly known as “Hobbie” from Baywatch, travels to the biggest cities to promote the unmistakable trademark tattoo-inspired clothing by Ed Hardy. The Ed Hardy clothing, created by Christian Audigier, the king of designer t-shirts and jeans, and Don Ed Hardy, the godfather of modern tattoo, has taken the fashion industry by storm. The Ed Hardy clothing line is becoming the hottest vintage trend and can be spotted in just about any gala, night or day. Among the many celebrities who have worn and marketed the designs are Britney Spears, Madonna, Shakira, Justin Timberlake, and Aston Kutchner. And now Boston fans get to have a little taste of some of the trendiest clothes.

Wonder Bar, a two-floor, intimate-sized bar with lots to offer, happily accommodated the Ed Hardy entourage for their fashion show performance on October 4, 2007. The main floor set consists of a VIP lounge, tables, and a full bar with bottle service available. The walls display slideshows of music videos and advertisements, but to synchronize for this event, they featured previous Ed Hardy shows. As the production team built a wooden runway that looked as if it cost ten bucks, the crowd patiently waited for the Ed Hardy show that would make the planks worth a thousand dollars.

As the models prepared for the midnight show in the downstairs level, the host, Jeremy Jackson, entertained the crowd with a raffle contest. Among the prizes were Ed Hardy hats, hoodies, room products, and a five-foot-tall bottle of vodka!
The music picked up the beat, letting the crowd know the show had begun. Down the runway walked fourteen female models in four-inch heels, and two males of unique style, bringing action and excitement with a mix of punk and sexy attitudes, the putty lips and big hair making the audience want more. As the show went on, they only gave more of what the crowd wanted, of course: FREE Hardy hats! In the midst of the show, Jeremy had the crowd jumping for the goods. The show ended with edgier and racier pieces: a “Britney and Madonna lip lock,” a plastic bikini, and a chained lap dance. The show was truly West Coast designer designed and well worth the twenty- to forty-dollar ticket!

See more at Ed Hardy's website: www.donedhardy.com


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