Simple Glam for this Winter

By Julia Kahaiyan

Ditch the foundation this holiday season to get a gorgeous glow.  Shimmer is in, and it’s being applied all over, from lips to eyes- it’s all you need! For all skin tones, these lustrous shimmers come in many colors such as lavender, apricot, and rose. As seen in many makeup lines this winter, the glimmering look is simple but glam. Eyes can always use a little more sparkle, so when using shimmer shadow, stick to a lighter shade to use near the brow, then a complementary color for the lid and crease. Using this technique highlights the brow bone, making the eyes pop. If that’s not enough glow for grey winter days, add more excitement to the eyes by highlighting with a shimmer liner. Liner can make the eyes appear wider and larger if the inner bottom lid is traced with a pale opaque color.

If you choose to focus on another facial feature instead of eyes, try puckering up your lips, with shimmer glosses and shimmer lipstick. Clean off the winter dreariness with a lip gloss that matches your skin tone, to highlight and shine. If you’re feeling bold rather than neutral, slick on a golden honey gloss to bare lips. For the cheek, create a deep glow with a shimmering brush-on bronzer that is slightly darker than your normal skin tone. To obtain a windblown look, as if you’re just getting off the slopes, choose a blush shade that is similar to the color of the skin on your lower lip. Then lightly dust cheeks with a light translucent shimmer. This glowing look will make any face shine during the holidays.

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