One fashionable item you cant live without: Glasses

By Julia Kahaiyan

Prescription eyeglasses are usually associated with a nerdy, studious image. As a result of those unflattering thick rims and coke bottle lenses, LASIK eye surgery and contact lenses have become increasingly popular. However, glasses are one of the accessories that not many pay attention to.  Eyewear designers have realized that they need to change their designs to keep business going, so they have reconstructed glasses just as if they were an accessory, making them colorful, geometric, and personalized. 

I journeyed out into Boston’s fashion center, Newbury Street, in search of the biggest selection in eyeglasses. At Cohen’s Fashion Optical, owner Dolly Lakkis shares some of the trendy fashions with us. “Add Swarovski crystals to the frames of Gucci’s line; make them funky!” says Lakkis. Frame shape is no longer limited and can complement your face shape. Lakkis explains how certain frame shapes can make your face look slimmer, showing me how to work with my own facial structure. Cohen’s Optical has a huge variety of frame shapes; Harry Potter’s circular frames are very popular, but they can be personalized with a great number of color options. One can choose from oval or rectangle frames or even rimless ones, where the frame doesn’t go around the edge of the lens and makes the eyes stand out.

Many high-end designers have extended their lines to the eyewear industry. Giorgio Armani eyewear explores bold colors such as white and black. Dress your outfit up with a chic clear frame from Versace or go all out for a night on the town with multicolored hazel and amethyst frames from Jai Kudo. As time goes on, old-school styles are coming back into play, reinvented with modern designs. Braces could be next on the hot list! 

Be sure to visit Cohen’s Fashion Optical at 179 Newbury Street, Boston MA 02116. Dolly Lakkis is the fashionista in the eyewear department, so make an appointment today!  Hours are Monday-Thursday 10-7, Friday-Saturday 10-8, and Sunday 12-5.

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