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Rodolfo's Tailoring Shop

By Rakia Achab

Rodolfo’s Tailoring Shop is located on 100 Huntington Avenue, Set 11, in Boston, Massachusetts. The owner, Rodolfo Gomez, opened his successful business in 1993.

Gomez was born in 1963 in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador. He grew up with very little, which made it hard for him to have the same opportunities in El Salvador as he would in America. Living with his relatives until he 17 seventeen, he learned his trade from his uncle.

Gomez said, “After learning to become a tailor in my country, that is when I knew I wanted to have my own business.” In 1982, Gomez came to America knowing very little English. He was truly determined and eager to become successful in his new country.

Every morning, he arrives at work at seven o’ clock; he likes to get there early to prepare for his day. He opens his shop doors at eight o’ clock, waiting on his regular customers, whom he knows on a first-name basis. His clients range from business people working in the Back Bay having their suits custom tailored, to teenagers altering their prom dresses.

All of his tailoring magic happens in the back of the shop, which is where he works on the garments. The left side of the wall is filled with different colored threads that can overwhelm an outsider’s eyes. The right side is filled with apparel, anything from a pair of jeans to an elegant evening gown covered in Swarovski crystals. The middle of the room has sewing machines, with garments in the process of becoming something better than what they were before.

Gomez spends most of his time in the back where he perfects the seams of each garment. He takes his time with every piece, ensuring that the final product will be up to his customer’s expectations. When a customer arrives at his shop, he or she is either dropping off a garment or picking one up.

Every time customers come in for an alteration, Gomez details to the customer what he would like to do. This part of the process is most stressful because sometimes customers come with impossible plans. Alterations cannot always be done the way the customer wants them to be done.

Gomez said, “Having your own business is full of challenges, so I can say you have to be truly confident in yourself.” Gomez faces challenges, but some garments are too complicated. Once the customer and Gomez come to an agreement, they discuss pickup times and prices.

Gomez’s day consists of helping his customers with their garments. Gomez said, “When you find your passion doing something you love, it does not feel like work.” He also said that nothing about his job is difficult because it is his passion, so for him it is pleasurable.

From ten o’ clock in the morning to six o’ clock in the evening, five days a week, and Saturdays from ten o’clock to two o’clock, Gomez works nonstop in his shop, but he enjoys his work. His dedication makes him an extremely respectful tailor. Gomez said, “I was driven at such a young age, and today I run a very successful tailoring business in the Back Bay area.”



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