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Fashion Meets Gadgets

By Meagan Pariseau

Boston native Amber Lu has successfully launched her second collection of Amber Lu Tech Cases for smart devices. Her lines include fashionable cases for electronic devices such as iPhones and iPads that are designed for the modern woman who demands fashion and style

Lu was introduced to the exciting world of fashion at a young age. Her interest in the industry sparked when she worked with photographers during high school. Lu helped out in the studio in whatever ways she could, while falling in love with every element of photography. From developing photos, to modeling, to styling on the set, each aspect appealed to her. When Lu was seventeen years old, she walked in a Talbots fashion show. By then, she was on her way to a future career.

Today, Lu creates fashion cases for smart devices and loves every minute of it. She said she loves fashion but considers herself to be a “closet geek at heart,” as she has always had an interest in the world of electronics. She wanted to marry her two passions together as one.

Lu also finds inspiration from her Asian background. Her culture plays a huge role in her use of patterns and colors. Each case is accented by her signature color, red; her Chinese name translates as ‘red’. Red is a color that is deeply rooted in the Chinese culture, symbolizing good fortune and joy.

Lu focuses on giving her customers truly a luxurious experience, using the highest grain leather in her cases, with unique ergonomics designed to fit the fast-paced lifestyle of modern fashionable women. Lu’s color palette consists of six main colors: canary yellow, indigo blue, electric pink, midnight black, Big Apple green, and her signature color femme fatale red.

Lu also finds inspiration in Chinese architecture. She derives her patterns from the lines of Chinese buildings and windows. What also makes the cases appealing to customers is that they are made with a soft and silky Japanese microfiber interior.

There is much more to her career than choosing patterns and colors, though. She identifies the styles, colors, and materials, as well as directing the creative phases of the business. Lu has one hundred percent control over all her photo shoots and, with her modeling experience, is often featured in her own ads. This way, Lu knows she will get exactly what she wants but also gives consumers a face to connect with the brand name and product.

“I want to put my signature mark on every single detail to assure it matches my high expectations of the brand,” she said.

No business would be successful without a hardworking team behind it. Lu partners with Nordic Enterprises Ltd. and has an office in Hong Kong. With the help of two teams, Lu has been able to see her dream become a reality. Her team in Hong Kong mainly takes care of the public relations department, research and development, and supply chain. She visits her international office frequently to align the operation between two continents.

Lu expressed that she most likes the creative aspect of her job and feels that what she does really is not work, even though she puts in hours most people would not dream of devoting to work. She is happy with what she does, which makes her that much more likely to succeed. “Happy people are the most successful,” Lu said.

Lu is passionate about her career, which is part of her success. She was taught never to “toot your own horn.” She said, “If you’re great at what you do, people will talk about you naturally.”

Lu sees herself furthering her career in the world of fashion and design. She hopes to start up a new collection featuring women’s handbags. She hopes that with luck, Amber Lu Design will become a known name in the fashion business within the next few years. She believes everything she has done has prepared her for the future. Lu is very pleased with her brand, and we can’t wait to see what the future will bring for this native Bostonian.


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