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Oakleaf Cakes

By Danielle Cutillo

Located right down the street from Symphony Hall, on Westland Avenue, is a small shop with a beautiful display window filled with different cakes. Oakleaf Cakes is the name of this bakery and cake shop. The owner, head baker, and decorator Amanda Oakleaf started her business in September 2008 from the kitchen of her Boston apartment. She had a passion for art, had a love for sugar, and was trained as an oil painter at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Amanda has been on the Food Network Cake Challenge, and her work has also been showcased in publications across the nation.

Inside, the bakery has a classic yet fun vibe. There is a large counter with the word Cake inscribed on the front, to add a unique twist to the shop. There are cakes of all types on display, such as wedding cakes and sculpture cakes of a dog, a sandwich, and a guitar. The displayed cakes are only a few that they design. Pictures of cakes and the menus behind the counter are framed in vintage gold frames. There are also many smaller cakes that can be purchased in the bakery section. Oakleaf Cakes also serves cookies, cheesecake, cupcakes, and coffee. Even though it is a small shop, there are plenty of tables, and it is a great place to meet up with friends to sit, chat, and eat.

A binder displayed in the front of the store features pictures of many cake designs Oakleaf has made in the past. There are cakes with themes of Boston sports, fashion brands, and pets. If someone has an idea, the bakery can make a cake for it. Oakleaf Cakes does parties, events, weddings, and more. Recently, the shop put together an enormous cake for Brown University’s 250th anniversary. The staff came together and created a replica of Brown University’s 1770 University Hall. It was made with incredible detail, weighing between 600 and 700 pounds, and measured five feet wide by three feet high.

Everything is done from scratch and by hand at Oakleaf Cakes. The bakery makes its own buttercream, marshmallow fondant, and gumpaste. Customers can also purchase their handmade marshmallow fondant in the shop.

Oakleaf Cakes also offers decorating classes year round for anyone, no matter his or her level, baking background, or decorating skill. Each class is taught by talented cake bakers and decorators who address a number of topics and skills. Some examples of classes that are offered are Buttercream Basics, Sugar Flowers, and Fun with Fondant. All the information about the classes is posted on Oakleaf Cakes’ website.

For more information about Oakleaf Cakes, check out the bakery’s Facebook page or website The shop is open seven days a week!




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