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Curls Just Wanna Have Fun

By Alex Faszewski


Hairo is the cool-kid sister to your friends’ salons. It is a blowout bar, a trend that has rapidly been growing in popularity. Guests pay to have their hair washed, blow-dried, and styled, choosing from a catalogue of hairstyles that range from bedhead to pin-straight.

Pay a visit to Hairo at its Newbury Street location where the blowout bar is an oasis of warmth overlooking the darkening street. The salon is furnished in magenta and crisp white; peppy music pumps out from the speakers. After offering tea, a hairstylist will lead customers to a chair for a consultation. The Malibu, an effortless beach wave, is the perfect choice to escape from the cold New England weather. To begin, the stylist may massage the customer’s scalp as he or she washes the hair, a feature that can be added to your service for an additional fee. Once the hair has been washed with Hairo’s namesake products, it will be blow-dried and curled. To achieve the wave, the curls are gently rearranged, looking ready to hit the beach.

Hairo was originally launched as a line of batch-made and all-natural hair products created in the company’s Londonderry, New Hampshire, lab. The brand’s founders aspired to create beautiful hair in an instant.

Today, its made-to-order distinction also gives the brand an edge over others in the market. Products are as varied as is the catalogue of hairstyles. Hairo offers styling sprays and cremes, shine drops, silk fluid, and more. All products boast a rich fragrance and agents that contribute to a healthy scalp; many are even enriched with sunscreen to protect hair. The wash and blow-dry treatment debuted in the summer of 2005, acting “as a studio for the products,” said owner Johnny Marchio. The salon’s stylists are licensed hairdressers who undergo training to ensure that they understand the brand. These individuals are chosen for their passion as well as their understanding and love of hair.

A variety of young Boston professionals enjoy the blowouts. According to Marchio, however, on the weekends young women often “come in, have a few drinks, and get all dolled up.” Many guests have been known to rent out the salon for a night of pampering with friends, bringing food and drinks to personalize the experience. There are even instances in which a company will “host clients and reserve spots for blow-dries.” Hairo products and blowouts can be found behind the scenes at fashion shows and shoots, weddings, and the silver screen, in addition to bedecking the most fashion-forward girls.

Of the available hairstyles, Marchio’s personal favorite is the Hairo signature—big, voluminous hair that can be worn anywhere with anything. “You can dress it up, even wear it to your divorce hearing,” beamed Marchio. What truly sets Hairo apart from the competition is the studio’s own line or product and is not corporate based.

Looking ahead to the future, Marchio revealed a juicy secret: Hairo is in the process of making its products available in professional salons. The next step for the wash and blow-dry segment is a location in New York as well as a few key spots in Greater Boston. Great hair will be attainable all over the East Coast and beyond.



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Curls Just Wanna Have Fun
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