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Boston Mints

Lip Gloss

By Erin Lovett

Boston Mints is a long-lasting, all-natural lip gloss created by Joanne Ilacqua. The Boston-based company is thriving as more people gravitate towards natural beauty products. When shopping for beauty products, many people find it a deal breaker if the products do not contain at least some natural or organic ingredients. Most people, especially those with sensitive skin or allergies, tend to rely on all-natural or organic makeup products. The shift toward natural beauty products in the beauty industry today is a revolutionary step toward healthier and safer lifestyles.

BostonMints lip glosses contain vitamin E, vitamin C, aloe vera gel, spearmint leaf oil, and antioxidants. The spearmint gives the lip gloss a minty, refreshing feel, while also plumping the lip and making it appear fuller. The lip glosses are unique because of their long-lasting quality. There are also two types of coats to choose from: sheer or shimmer. “The ones with shimmer are longer lasting,” said Ilacqua. “Layer it with lip liner or lip primer.”

When asked about the development of BostonMints, Ilacqua said, “Well I’m a makeup artist so I always liked the idea of having my own line…I wanted to give people something back.” She knew that she could create a product that would be long lasting, which is perfect for weddings and special events, so it seemed like a no-brainer to share her secret with her clients.

BostonMints lip gloss comes in twelve different shades and all are named after iconic places in Boston such as Newbury Street, Swan Boat, and T-Party. “Coming up with all the names was challenging,” said Ilacqua. Although creating and selling the products was fairly uncomplicated, the process of naming the shades based on locations around Boston was a challenge. “I rode my bike on the Minuteman Trail, so I named one of the colors Minuteman Trail…Nantucket is one of my favorite places, so I named another color Mintucket Red…every color symbolizes something,” said Ilacqua.

BostonMints is a fairly new company, that opened in 2012. Although expanding the line is not a priority at the moment, Ilacqua has not completely disregarded the idea, saying, “I could maybe expand on the lip line, maybe create a lipstick line.”

The current focus on products with natural ingredients might explain why Ilacqua’s lip glosses have been doing so well. Some of the benefits of the lip gloss are that each is gluten free, paraben free, and lead free, and are not tested on animals. “Believe it or not, people who are celiac are allergic to cosmetics that contain gluten,” said Ilacqua. The natural ingredients found in BostonMints lip glosses are just what the beauty industry needs. “Especially with more diseases, people will steer more toward natural products,” said Ilacqua.

The future for BostonMints looks bright. The lip glosses are sold at retailers around the Boston area, such as BoLea Cosmetics in Reading and Salon Capri on Newbury Street. It is also possible to purchase the lip gloss online at the BostonMints website. “I like the idea of selling it at stores…I like the idea of a boutique-y item,” said Ilacqua. She indicated that if the lip glosses were to be sold in stores someday, she would prefer that the products be sold at an upscale specialty store. Ilacqua has considered selling BostonMints at larger retailers around Boston and the Northeast, such as Sephora. “I thought about putting the lip gloss in a Whole Foods since they carry a lot of local businesses’ products,” said Ilacqua.

The sheer brilliance of a long-lasting, all-natural lip gloss seems too good to be true. The balance of high-end quality and local appeal will surely have every makeup-loving Bostonian fall in love with this product.



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