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Shaving: Vintage meets Modern

Christina Nalepa

An old trend that was popular in the 1920s has been revived in today’s men’s fashion: cleancut shaves. The Art of Shaving, a vintage barber shop for men, was founded in 1996 by Melissa and Eric Katsaris.

The store offers cleancut shaving services for men and sells the most natural creams for shaving as well as all the products needed for “The Perfect Shave.” The company believes in offering “The Perfect Shave” and making a man’s shaving experience “fun, rather than a chore,” said Jonathan Jarry, the assistant manager.

Now with 120 locations nationwide, The Art of Shaving is located in most larger cities. The location on 139 Newbury Street in Boston is one of the company’s largest locations, with a barbershop inside the store. “Our clients absolutely love the barbershop. We have gained several loyal customers since this location opened,” said Jarry.

“The store gives us an opportunity to teach customers the right way to shave. Because most men come into the store saying they learned from their fathers, TV, or the movies and they complain that they experience irritation and that shaving has become a chore. We try and make shaving fun for them by teaching them the proper techniques and by providing them with the most natural, top-of-the- ine products. Also, everyone has different skin, so by us examining their skin and getting to know a customer, we can set them up with products that are healthy,” said John Rossi, a shaving consultant.
The idea of helping men to have a better shaving experience developed out of Melissa Karsaris’ homemade perfume business for women. One day she noticed Eric had shaving irritation. It occurred
to Melissa to create a cream product for him. He was so surprised that the cream worked that he sold his BMW and opened their first shaving store on Lexington Avenue in New York City.

The store’s main purpose is to make shaving exciting while keeping all skin types healthy. The number one product sold at the store is The Perfect Shaving Kit. The kit includes preshaving oil, shaving cream, a brush, and aftershave. The Perfect Shaving Kit costs 25 dollars. The store also sells
several other kits, scented and nonscented creams, razors, and aftershaves ranging between 12 and 200 dollars.

“We look at how a client’s hair grows. We ask what razor they use and recommend a solution to their shaving problem and attend to their needs,” said Jarry.

The shop is a replica of barbershops from the 1920s, with a modern twist. The store sells three spa shaving packages: the Royal Shave, which includes a hot shave, a hydration mask, and aftershave for 55 dollars, the Traditional, a simple hot shave for 35 dollars, and a haircut for 40 dollars. Each package gives the client a high-end, vintage experience with the store’s very own master barbers.

The store caters to all men: fathers, professionals, and even gym buffs, giving each client that nostalgic experience.

To learn more about the products and services that The Art of Shaving has to offer, plus shaving tips from the master barbers, go to

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