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Men’s Q&A

By Lindsay Feeney


Q. Where would a guy find out about fashion for men?

A. If people don’t immediately associate men with fashion, they are mistaken. Men display as many personal styles and follow as many trends as do women, sometimes without even realizing it. Just as women seek out tomorrow’s trends, men, also have a personal style. Whether it includes a mix of casual and athletic wear or strictly tailored ensembles, each man’s wardrobe creates his fashion identity. Once a man has acknowledged his clothing preferences and priorities, the trend-information outlets will seem infinite.

For the fashion-conscious man, a website such as Fashion Beans offers smart articles and guides for every aspect of the modern gent’s life. With its insights on style, grooming, and fitness, this site indulges readers with a useful blend of industry information, showing them how to take what they read about style and apply it to themselves. Men who visit this site might also enjoy publications like GQ.

If you are not a fashion connoisseur but still consider what’s on trend as you get dressed, the Style section of Men’s Health may be your go-to. The website and the print section offer readers a to-the- point resource on dressing for everyday living or for a business meeting. Tips on fitness, health, and women can also be found on this website.

It may take some browsing, but finding a website, magazine, or blog that you can identify with is the best way to find out about men’s fashion trends. There is a resource out there for everyone.

Q. I didn’t really care about fashion, but now I do. Is it weird for me to just start wearing completely different stuff?

A. Not at all. Fashion and personal style are an expression of who you are, what you’re feeling, and what you’re comfortable in. Personal transformation is a good thing, and you should embrace your ever evolving self as well as your preferences when it comes to wardrobe.

If you are self-conscious about shifting your aesthetic, gradually mixing new pieces with your old ones will support a seam- less transition. However, if you are ready to take on your personal- style-180, do it! Having fun is most important when making changes. Everyday fashion should allow you to feel confident and better about yourself.

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