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Legacy, Tradition, & Hats

By Ellen Keane

Goorin Bros. Hat Shop is an interesting venue, full of history and custom, and located in the heart of Newbury Street. The Goorin Brothers’ tradition of hatmaking started in 1895, when the master craftsman Cassel Goorin sold his first hat from a horse cart in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Later on, Cassel’s sons, also known as the Goorin Brothers, continued their father’s tradition of hatmaking when they moved their family business to San Francisco in 1949. Since then, the Goorin Bros. Hat Shops have become very successful and in high demand throughout the country.

Besides the Goorins’ first hat shop in San Francisco, there are now eight locations all over California. In addition, they have opened hat shops throughout the entire United States, ranging from Portland, Oregon, to Charleston, South Carolina. The Goorin Bros. even have two locations in Canada. The Cassel Goorin legacy that can be found in the detail and integrity of each hat has definitely been something that America has found wildly attractive.

The Boston area is lucky enough to have two Goorin Bros. Hat Shops. Of these locations, the shop on Newbury Street surely is in tune with the history and tradition of the company. Full of originality and creativity, the shop features unique vintage props, antique furnishings, custom murals, and signage created by company artists. The dark hardwood floors and brick muraled walls create a visually appealing ambiance. The hats displayed throughout the shop are artistically set on top of dark hardwood shelves. The Goorin Bros. Hat Shop features a wide variety of men’s hats that include traditional fedoras, top hats, gatsbys, and even baseball caps. Some of the baseball hats are plain and simple, while others feature interesting modern, graphic details on the crown and bill of the cap. Each hat is unique and made with the utmost care and craftsmanship. For those reasons, the prices of the hats are relatively high; the lowest price is $30 for baseball caps and the highest is $200 for some select fedoras. However, since each hat is handmade with quality materials, the customer knows that he is getting the best product.

Even the Goorin Bros. Hat Shop associates are trained to give outstanding customer service. Customers rave about the genuine attention and service that they receive as soon as they walk through the doors. Associates are trained to know the fit of each hat and can direct a customer to a particular style that will complement his face shape and head size. Associates are always trying to offer suggestions and feedback to their customers, who leave the store happy and willing to return. For example, one customer happened to come across Goorin Bros. Hat Shop while walking down Newbury Street. Upon entering the store, he was impressed at the fantastic customer service. The gentleman had always had trouble finding hats that looked good on him, because his head is quite large for his body. Effortlessly, the sales associate was able to find a hat that actually fit the customer’s head and suited his style. “It was the only hat of its kind I actually looked good in,” exclaimed the customer. “The customer service was extremely accommodating, and product quality was immaculate.” To this day, the customer still wears the hat he bought, because “the ladies definitely love it.”

In addition to great customer service, the Newbury Street location even offers hat sizing sessions, so if you do not know your hat size, do not worry. Goorin Bros. associates are there to help you. Next time you find yourself strolling down Newbury Street, step into the Goorin Bros. Hat Shop. You will find a variety of hat styles rich with tradition and style, set within a beautifully merchandised shop. The welcoming décor of custom artwork and antiques is paired with gracious customer service that will make you return.

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