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Style Q&A

By Lindsay Feeney

Q. I am tired of my wardrobe but don’t have a lot of money to go shopping. What are a few pieces I can buy to freshen up my look?

A. Nothing is worse than when your fashion sense expands faster than your wallet. However, there are ways around this stylistic rut. One solution is to buy a few moderately priced accessories that can instantly update any outfit.
This season, a few general looks dominated the runways— 1960s ladylike, 1970s glam, and biker chic. Cat-eye sunglasses or a fitted, delicate blazer adds instant class to a ’60s-inspired look. If you identify more with disco than with Jackie O, finish your look with jewelry inspired by that decade, such as long tassel earrings or a metallic choker. To edge out your look, go for anything leather and/or studded, whether it’s black lace-up biker boots or a studded leather jacket.
No matter which trend resonates most with you, there is a styling technique that’s not only hot this season but will also keep you from reaching into your wallet. As long as their hues are from the same color palette, dare to mix a patterned top with patterned bottoms. It may take a few tries to get it right, but once you execute this fashion move correctly, your look will truly be one of a kind.

Q. Are there any new trends in jeans this season?

A. After the explosion of skinny jeans a few years back, there have been very few popular changes made in the jean department. This season, however, a 1970s-inspired approach has created a distinct look with a nostalgic yet fashion forward feel.
One way in which jeans have gone back to a former style is in the below-the-knee flare. It won’t be hard to make this trend your own, as retailers are fully stocked with bell-bottoms in a variety of flare widths. What’s fun about this style is that it completely changes up the familiar streamline silhouette.
Yet if you are still in love with the way your skinnies fit, try incorporating the retro look by buying a new pair in a vibrant blue or magenta. Maybe even dare to snag a pair with a high-waist fit or a cropped hem to add a little extra something.

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