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Marked in Pavement

By Emily Contrada

Larry Margulies’ newest addition to Boston is Pavement, a down-to-earth coffee house that opened in Boston a year and a half ago. A popular place for college students, Pavement is conveniently located near Berklee College of Music. Margulies isn’t new to the café scene, as he is the owner of Bagel Rising and Espresso Royale, both located in Boston. In opening Pavement, Margulies wanted to bring something new to Boston.
Other than the name, the uniqueness of Pavement is noticeable as soon as the customer walks through the doors. The atmosphere is approachable and homey with an assortment of furniture, including oversized chairs and small, painted wooden tables. The aesthetic of the building resembles old, classy Brooklyn architecture, the perfect environment to enjoy a bagel and hot cup of joe. On display for four to six weeks at a time, artwork by local artists hangs in Pavement and is also for sale.
The genesis of the name Pavement is unknown to most people. It is something to make customers stop and think. Margulies explained that there was no real reasoning behind the name; he simply wanted a name with two syllables that had an urban feel to it.
Markus, the store manager of Pavement, explained that competitors such as Starbucks create “a place for meeting,” while Pavement focuses more on what they are making: a “good cup of coffee.” The company cares less about image and more about business. Employees are expected to put in as much hard work as they can and accommodate to the needs of each customer.
Pavement’s Sunrise Sandwiches are a popular choice on the menu. Although they are simple breakfast sandwiches, their popularity has persisted. Pavement also features made-to-order sandwiches and a fresh assortment of bagels, baked at Bagel Rising. The most frequently ordered drinks at Pavement are the espresso beverages. For every four cups of coffee sold, about three cups of tea are sold.
Pavement also takes pride in its latte art. Each latte is created right in front of the customer, promoting a stronger customer bond. Markus values latte art because it is “the mark of a good barista” and “the seal” on the drink before it is handed to the customer. Markus stated his Pavement motto: “The first bite is taken with the eyes- the experience starts before they take the first sip.”

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