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Zoetic Green

By Dana Raine

Sustainability in design seems to be popular these days. But when we make a choice to help the planet, the end result so often ends up saying granola. However, sustainability can be stylish. The local interior design firm Zoetic Green is proof. Located in Marblehead, Massachusetts (and coming soon to

Boston’s South End), Zoetic Green was started by former financial executive Christine Ferguson. Ferguson left her desk job in 2006 to explore a passion for interior design. She enrolled in the New England School of Art and Design, and in 2010 she earned a master’s degree in interior design. In the spring of that same year, Zoetic Green was born.

As a LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional), Christine Ferguson is all about creating beautiful spaces that are good for the earth, which is where the name of the firm comes into play. Zoetic means ‘of or pertaining to life,’ and green refers to the sustainability of her designs. Ferguson explained, “I chose that word [zoetic] because I believe green interior design encompasses all parts of life.” She created Zoetic Green in the hopes of making the world of green design accessible to the masses. Her goal is to “design a complete indoor environment that is healthy for its inhabitants while having minimum impact on the planet.” While the average green designer might stop at the planet-friendly elements, Ferguson believes “that designing green doesn’t mean sacrificing style and beauty.”

Zoetic Green lives up to that standard, creating interiors with all of the style and beauty of any other design. Ferguson is interested in sustainable living, but she is also an artist at heart. Drawing inspiration from all parts of her life, including travels, magazines, architecture, and even her clients, she is able to design chic spaces that have become her trademark. Ferguson stated that a Ecological Design Created by Christine Ferguson lot of her inspiration comes from simply “walking down the street and keeping [her] eyes open.”

How is she able to combine green and trendy? Ferguson described her process: “I always design with style in mind, then find the green solutions to fit my vision.” As sustainable living gains popularity, she has discovered it is becoming easier to find green products to fit into any design concept. Although the task is still not an easy one, Ferguson is determined to take the time to find the right pieces for each design project.

Just as Ferguson begins with the look and then finds sustainable products to fit it, her clients come to her for the look they want and end up learning about sustainability. Most of Ferguson’s clients are drawn to her stylish interior design. By working with Zoetic Green, they are able to have their style and be green, too. Speaking of her clients, Ferguson explained, “It’s been an added bonus when I can educate them about [green design].” However, she believes this will not always be the case. She continued, “I think that’s slowly changing as information about the benefits of green design and healthy indoor environments spreads.” Instead of clients seeking her design services, with the icing being sustainability, soon she hopes to see clients seeking her out because of her green practices.

Zoetic Green is committed to helping its clients make green choices throughout the design process. One way the company incorporates sustainability into homes is by using materials that don’t off-gas. These include no-voc paint and solid wood instead of engineered wood. Ferguson also uses carpet or carpet tiles made from recycled and recyclable materials. Carpet tiles are environmentally friendly because they can be easily cleaned or replaced without cleaning or replacing a whole carpet area. This is one simple way to do something good for the earth, without sacrificing style. Ferguson has many other green tricks up her sleeve that she uses to help save the planet, while solving her clients’ design dilemmas.

Its Boston area base is a source of inspiration for Zoetic Green. Historical buildings abound in Boston, and Ferguson uses the history to direct her designs. She has transformed many historical homes into stylish, sustainable sanctuaries, while maintaining the historical integrity of the space. Boston is also full of urban spaces, which allows for a more modern design approach. Ferguson is aware of the differences, stating, “You can’t design an antique farmhouse the same way you would an industrial loft.” She is sensitive to the character of whatever space she is working in. Being in Boston gives Zoetic Green the opportunity to work with historical homes, modern apartments, and everything in between.

Zoetic Green works on all kinds of projects. From color and furniture consultation to complete home renovation, Ferguson at Zoetic Green has the skills to turn your space into a chic sanctuary, while adding green elements. She even offers e-design, a way to redesign your space no matter where you are! Even if it is not design help you are looking for, Zoetic Green has a plethora of green lifestyle suggestions to offer its clients. There is simply no excuse not to live in green luxury.

Christine Ferguson at Zoetic Green is a leader in green interior design. She has the expertise and artistic flair to help anyone take a space to the next level, both in style and in sustainability. To get started on your next project, whether big or small, visit You won’t be disappointed!

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