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Dressing to the T

By Antonia Graffeo

Boston is the city where young adults come to prosper… and freeze. Thankfully, we have finally put away winter jackets; but jackets or no jackets, Bostonians do not let rain, snow, or heat stop them from looking fabulous.

It is no surprise that Boston’s chic of the chic took the Green Line to the Museum of Fine Arts and ditched their jackets at the coat rack to flaunt their looks at the MFA First Friday event.

Emily Res, a Northeastern University student originally from Switzerland, stole the crowd when she walked in, wearing neutral-colored thigh-high boots and an oversized silk shirt. She eagerly struck up a conversation about New York Fashion Week and the excitement in working the show as a Donna Karan intern. Just a few tables down was Camille Pierrard, a Boston University student who looked stylish and refined, welcoming the spring weather in a white button-up blouse and a tan pencil skirt paired with a black sweater and tights. Downstairs, two stylish high-school girls were admiring the art. They were cute and casual, both in oversized shirts and leggings, one wearing flats and the other wearing what Nine West calls Old Colony American leather boots.

Another day, another train: Victoria Thut, a Parisian-gone-Bostonian, embraced the style Audrey Hepburn made a famous go-to in her 1957 film Funny Face: Thut paired her edgy black boots with sleek-looking leggings and a black peacoat with dark fur and of course, to top it all off, a new allblack manicure.

On the other side of the Charles, just off the Red Line, Lesley University graduate student Emily Calvin stood out in the crowd of Harvard students wearing a purple tutu and oversized coat. Calvin said she mainly shops in thrift stores because she “likes the stories that come along with old clothes. They are more than just an item someone made in a factory; there is history.” Calvin’s friend Kelly Gullage, who wore an oversized sweater (are we noticing a trend here?) and red tights, said, “Emily doesn’t wear outfits; she wears costumes. She celebrates.”

From the Green Line to the Red, Bostonians all over town are expressing themselves through fashion. Whether their creativity reflects their career aspirations or just represents the impulse of pure art, you do not have to search hard for style: Just look down the street. - Antonia Graffeo

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