Achieving The Look

By Holly Stephens

Forget your heavy eye shadows and nude lip color, ladies; Spring 2009 is all about subtle smoky eyes, a flawless complexion, and a killer pair of faux eyelashes. According to fashion experts from and new trends sprouting from New York Fashion Week, future beauty trends of Spring 2009 include a more natural look with just the right touch of fantasy.

Naturally Smoky Eye

It’s time to tone down heavy, dark shadows and create a more naturally inspired smoky eye. Prime lids with moisturizer or eye cream, and cover dark problem spots with a rich peach-colored concealer. Follow with a coat of liquid foundation over eyelids, as a primer and base for shadow. This step is key for a long-lasting look without any midday smudges. Line top lids with a thick brown, black, or grey liner. Continue by dabbing a foam brush applicator into a shadow that’s the same color as the liner. Smudge the color over and slightly above the liner, rimming bottom lids as well. Next, apply base shadow color to the entire lid, using a light earthy hue such as beige, light brown, crème, or caramel. To achieve the signature smoky look, dip an eye shadow brush into a slightly darker colored shadow, such as chocolate brown, ash, or bronze, and apply color to the deep crease for your top lid. Fan out color to the right side of your lid, making a sideways “V” and meeting the color to the right of your lash lines. If the look seems too harsh, simply apply a second coat of your base shadow over your entire lid. Finish with several coats of volumizing mascara on both top and bottom lashes.

Metallic Eyes

Try lining eyes with metallic hues to create a bright and bold statement. To achieve this, prime lids with firming eye cream, and prep with a dab of creamy concealer to any dark spots. Trace your top lash line and, if necessary, go back with a cotton swab to smudge the color out. For a bolder nighttime look, lengthen the lash line by extending the liner ¼ inch out from the end of your lids. Repeat the smudging process for your outer lids, keeping away from the inner corner of your eye. As you do this, your eyes will appear bigger and brighter. Top this look off with two coats of curling mascara on top lashes only. This look can also be achieved by applying gel liner and rich eye shadows in place of the traditional eye pencil.

Faux Eyelashes

Although volumizing and thickening mascaras may provide additional length to lashes, Spring 2009 is all about over-the-top lash extensions. Experts suggest applying a set to top lashes, using tweezers to guide them as close to your natural lash line as possible. Let dry for three minutes, and apply either clear or curling mascara to bind false and real lashes together. To create more definition, try applying individual false lashes instead. Keep individual false lashes heavier towards the outside of your eyes, balancing the look.

Glossy Bold Nail Polish

Although Spring 2009 calls for a more natural and earthy look for the face, makeup artists are pairing up flawless complexions with glossy and bold nail colors, to help achieve contrast and add life to the runway. For long-lasting nail color, prep your nails with a clear base coat. Add three coats of your bright color of choice, and add an additional top coat to seal it off.

Low-Key Natural Brows

No longer are dark, filled-in, bold brows appearing on the runway; you’ll see a more subtle and natural version. The key is to keep brows in their natural shape, by trimming the strays. Try to stay away from dark brow liners; stick to brow shadows and creams, if necessary. Use a brown brush to heighten your arch, and top it off with a clear brow gel to keep strays in place.

Bronzed Face

Flawless bronzed complexion is back – this time, without the orange-skin horror stories! Begin by washing and exfoliating your skin, making sure to remove any dead skin cells. For that bronzed goddess complexion, use a foamy long-wear faux tanner mixed with a moisturizer, either lightly over your face or over your whole body. After letting the tanner absorb and then showering, prep your face with moisturizer and concealer for problem spots. Match your skin tone to a light powder or liquid foundation. For paler complexions, stick to pink-toned foundations; use yellow-toned foundations for darker complexions. Apply a light and shimmery bronzer to the apples of your cheeks, your forehead, and your jaw line. Bring your golden look together with a cream blush to create a fabulously sun-kissed look.

Bright Satin Lips

What would spring be without any color? Bright hues of berry, fuchsia, and rose are appearing on the Spring 2009 runway. Chanel and Christian Dior are pairing their collections with a matte berry stain to the lips. To create this look, experts suggest priming the lips with a rich lip balm and liquid foundation. Apply lipstick over the foundation, and use powder to eliminate any additional shine. You can also achieve this look by purchasing a lip stain that absorbs deeply into your lips, creating a long-lasting satin look.

So there you have it, ladies – Spring 2009 runway makeup made easy and affordable!
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