Sexy Bebe

By Fallon Coster

Nara Lucia Paz has already established her very own trademark label, “Sexy Bebe.” Prior to enrolling in the fashion design program at Lasell College, Paz became the head designer and company cofounder of Nara Paz Design Internationale in Brazil. Through this house, she produced a line of summer wear clothing.  This young woman’s accomplishments, skills, and successes are impressive.
Paz developed every aspect of her business, from the clothing to the advertising and the graphics. Check out the website that Paz is in the process of constructing for her future expansion. The organization and creativity reflected on ought to make the shopping experience fun and exciting when the website is released to the public. I was able to access this site through Paz’s user ID npaz and password 2343 and would like to share the experience.

Upon entering the site, the customer is navigated through carefully categorized clothing. The categories include beachwear, casual wear, jeans wear, after dark, active wear, slumber wear, and accessories. Furthermore, each garment is given a chic name that conveys a garment’s special image. Cute and quirky, these chic names are appealing to the target customers: young women between sixteen and twenty-five.

Paz insists that her customers have confidence in their beauty and wish to further express and complement it. As any renowned fashion designer will proclaim, fashion is the expression of a person through his or her physical appearance and dress. Paz works with young women looking for a way to express themselves positively to the public. As a designer, she uses her own youth and style to help her consumer, keeping her consumers’ unique personalities in mind.

Through her designs, Paz also wishes to enhance the sensuality and beauty of young women while helping them to maintain composure and class. Her sexy and feminine items distinguish the sexy dress from the provocative dress. She wants to show young women how to express themselves as strong and genuine as well as confident and independent, without sacrificing the beauty they possess. The styles that she has developed are sure to be compelling to the young woman because of their striking nature and standout designs.

Paz started off working as a designer in the highly competitive image-positioning field of promotional and display graphics consulting to large corporations and was a great success. Some of the companies with which she worked to reposition their image are national brands originating in Brazil. An example is the well known brand Mormai, which is a leading beachwear company. The results of that experience shine through in the graphic skills she is using to market the “Sexy Bebe” label and establish her own design house.

Paz is completing her degree in Lasell College’s fashion design program in order to “get a U.S. fashion design degree.” She feels that this will aid her in gaining credibility in America’s fashion industry. “Sexy Bebe is okay for the young beach crowd you find in Brazil, Australia, or Florida,” Paz states. “My real interest, however, is the design of elegant, sophisticated garments under my own name, Nara Paz.” Paz is going for the gold in the fashion industry and has high hopes of becoming as well known as the labels whose success she helped to establish.

Keep your eyes open for the release of the “Sexy Bebe” fashion line and much more. Paz is an inspiration to fashion design students looking to be a part of the competitive fashion design industry. It is refreshing to hear of a young, aspiring designer who is using her strong work ethic and dynamic background to develop entrepreneurship and prominence in the world of fashion. Haute Couture, here she comes!



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