Colors of the Season

By Heather Heinzmann

Every season, colors change -- whether it is because the calendar seasons themselves are changing, as when the trees turn orange and red in the fall, or because the color palette of the fashion scene is in flux. Regardless, each season always ends up taking us by storm.

Some people do not really understand why we change fashions every season, let alone develop a new color palette: “All the colors are the same, they don’t change every season, you need and should wear the colors that you like.” I have heard comments like these so many times! Admittedly, I hear these remarks from people who are not so interested in the fashion scene. But for those of us who do follow that scene, we wait for the new seasons to come around as if we were a little child, eager to peek under the Christmas tree! We are excited to see how garments have changed, what colors have been transferred from the previous season, and what that hot new color of the season is going to be.

This spring/summer season we are going to be seeing a lot of pastels and neutrals as per usual, but we’ll be seeing those neutrals contrasted against bright, drastic colors like raspberry pink, teal, orange, and yellow.  If you have a taste for simplicity, you are going to be able to spice it up with just a hint of that bright color.

You are probably wondering what else will be coming around this season; well, we will be seeing some of that great ‘80s street style, along with art-inspired prints, seersucker suits, and pants or shorts.  And don’t forget the shoes:  Patent leather is going to be in this season- yeah for us! For those of you who are into accessories, the sports-inspired neon theme is in, and we are still seeing some of that bold chunky plastic jewelry.

All in all, this season is sure to be a blast, whether you are keeping it simple with pastels and neutrals, or you are going to try your hand at mixing things up a bit with bright colors, funky accessories, or those gorgeous patent leather shoes.


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