Spring 2008 Makeup Trends

By Julia Kahaiyan

Colorful eye shadows, bold brows, and stained lips will slip you into spring of 2008.  The upcoming spring shades are cool and calming, but eyebrows have become bold and sleek. Shadows are bright this spring and they will play up your brows even more. (How can eye shadows be both cool and calming yet bright?)


As we feel the spring weather getting closer, give your eyebrows a rest and skip the waxing for a couple weeks. Grow them out so they are fuller, giving you a youthful, carefree look. As carried over from winter, the most prominent feature on a women’s face is her eyebrows. Use an eyebrow pencil two shades lighter than your brows natural color to fill in sparse areas.

Spring usually makes you imagine bright flowers and sunny skies, but this spring the colors are toned down. Cool blues and lilacs are taking the spotlight this season, especially with Chanel’s collection Aurora Blues Accent. Givenchy’s spring collection focuses on coral oranges, blues, and silvers.

Lip stain has staying power this spring, and the bold colors are too (what bold colors? For the lips?). What lip stain does is give you a hint of a bright color underneath a shiny gloss. Most stains contain an antioxidant or sunscreen for outdoor wear.  Check out Lunasol’s Spring 2008 Collection at www.lunasol-net.com, their lip shades come in bright colors such as orange and pink corals. Making the transition from the dreary winter to the warmer spring is supposed to be fun, so tone down the eyes and explode your lips with color!

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