Rockin' Out In Boston

By Julie Bortnick

Bars and lounges come andgo rather quickly in bustling cities, but I have found one that is here to stay. Revolution Rock Bar and Lounge is one of the few places you can go to for live music (ranging from rock bands to indie bands) as well as a DJ spinning the latest songs. Located right near Faneuil Hall, this bar and lounge caters to a wide range and promises an incredible time, no matter which night you go. 
Open only since October of 2006, Revolution Rock Bar has become one of the most popular places to go out to in Boston.  It is a venue decorated with everything rock and roll, from pictures of classic rock performers to its cow print theme; it has a sexy yet comfortable atmosphere. There are two floors with dual DJ booths, as well as a stage for the live performers. Tables and ottomans line the walls, perfect for a night out with all your friends. 
Revolution Rock Bar and Lounge is also a restaurant with a delicious menu.  You will find anything from pizza and pasta to sandwiches and great appetizers, such as the Revolution marinated beef skewers. There is also an extensive catering menu for any of your special events.
Christina D’Urbano, Director of Marketing and Events, has given me some insight into this Boston hotspot. 

Julie: What is your job at Revolution Rock Bar?

Christina: I am the Director of Marketing and Events.

J: What exactly do you do on a day-to-day basis?

C: I correspond with clients a lot during the day to plan the details of the events, and I book the VIP tables for Fridays and Saturdays.  I answer all the general voicemails and emails, plan the ads for the upcoming month, and correspond with our graphic designer to create all the upcoming flyers and ads.  

J: How did you break into the nightlife industry?

C: I began in this industry as a bartender part-time, for my second job.  I knew shortly after that this industry was where I belonged.  I also knew that I didn't want to be a bartender forever but that I wanted to be on the events/marketing side, which is where I am now.

J: What jobs did you have prior to this one?

C: I worked for nonprofit in an inner city high school.

J: What advice you would give to someone who wants to get into the nightlife/entertainment industry?

C: Make sure you have lots of natural energy, that you have thick skin, and that you keep yourself focused.  In this industry there are always temptations around you trying to pull you in other directions, but don’t get tempted!

J: How would you describe Revolution Rock Bar?

C: I would definitely use words like different, edgy, loungy, cozy, and FUN.

J: What is the crowd like?

C: The crowd here is great and very diverse.  We have the after-work crowd, mostly professionals.  We have the live-music crowd, which tends to be more eclectic. We have the nightclub crowd, Boston’s trendy hipsters.  You can find twenty-somethings and you can also see a lot of fifty-somethings having a great time here.

J: What types of events go on at the club?

C: During the season, we have a lot of corporate holiday parties.  We also throw lots of fun social parties, such as Entertainment Weekly and Playboy. We've had a few celebrities in here, some planned, some unplanned.

Revolution Rock Bar and Lounge is the perfect place for a casual night out, a fun night of dancing, a birthday party, or even a private event in the VIP room. No matter what mood you’re in, you can have an awesome time with great music and a great crowd. If you’re questioning where to go next weekend, make your way over to 200 High Street and have a truly fabulous night. 

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