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Scissors and Pie

By Marisa Gubler

The pizza scene is no stranger to Boston’s tourist hot spot Newbury Street. So what sets the newest contender apart from the others? Scissors and Pie made its debut in March with an interesting new concept. This pizza shop is going old school with its food prep and presentation, delivering true Italian craftsmanship and taste to stand out among its competitors.
Scissors and Pie founder Mitch DeRosa believes in bringing substance back to the slice. Bringing in chefs from Italy to train the staff in traditional Roman-style recipes was the first step. DeRosa got the idea for his first restaurant while eating in Paris. After his first experience with the Roman-style petzo, he realized what pizza was missing. “I saw the freshness from the street. Who wouldn’t love to eat like this? You could taste all the ingredients,” DeRosa said. Freshness has become a mission statement for Scissors and Pie.
The dough, carefully kneaded to perfection each day, is made from several wheat blends. “The dough is what really sets petzo aside from the typical deep-dish or Sicilian-style pizza,” said DeRosa. The airy dough is stretched out onto rectangular sheets and cut in square slices. Each petzo slice is sold by weight, ensuring that customers receive what they pay for. After a sheet has been prepped, it is put out for costumer selection. Once the customer selects his or her petzo flavor and portion size, the dough is cut straight from the sheet with scissors, weighed, and sent into the oven. The pizzeria uses a traditional Italian electric oven that allows for three temperature variations throughout the cooking process.
Some of the traditional Italian toppings sold are Margherita, Formaggi, Salame, and Vegeteriana. If a customer is looking for an authentic Italian flavor, he or she can select a Radicchio Gorgonzola and Carciofini, a Pesto Gamberi and Pomodorini, or a Pancetta and Asparagi slice.
The petzo is not the only interesting spin on dining at Scissors and Pie. The dining room is furnished with bamboo-finished tables on runners. The runners allow for all the tables to combine and pull apart. “What I wanted to do was create something special. I wanted families to get a communal feel,” DeRosa explained.
Scissors and Pie is definitely a must visit for the Boston foodie, and if the experience isn’t enough, the Petzo is the perfect Italian standard!


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