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Boston Street Style

By Allison Nekola and Erina Akema

Cobblestone streets are disguised runways for the fashion elite. These Bostonians treat their bodies as canvases where they can express their personality or a message. Is clothing really an art form? In the world of fashion, yes. People choose their clothes for a variety of reasons. A favorite pair of jeans provides comfort on a bad day. Other clothes are versatile, perfectly blending so every outfit is timeless. The streets of Boston are galleries of expressionism

Of all the city-goers interviewed, the majority felt their everyday style needed nothing but free choice. Eye-catching ensembles are mundane to Bostonians, who are unaware of the effect their clothing has on street fashion.

The people of Boston have spoken and their clothes are doing the talking. Traditional fashion rules are simply thrown out the window. Abdul, 24, told us he dressed with only comfort in mind. He wore maroon skinny jeans, with a pair of gray Converse, a printed sweater of maroon, white, and dark gray, and a teal t-shirt. When asked how he made it all work, Abdul said, “Everybody just has those favorite pieces of clothing that always work together.”

Like dress pants, a baggy sweater, and a pair of Toms? There’s a doppelgänger walking down the street blurring the lines between prep and punk. Nina, 21, put together an outfit with a black polo, a leather spiked jacket, skinny jeans, black pointed flats, and vintage 1950s sunglasses. There are no limits to mismatching styles.

Consider wearing a burgundy sweater and red pants; clashing colors are no longer taboo. Designers are mimicking the street style trend. At this year’s Boston Fashion Week, models wore daring color combinations.

The streets have picked a new color palette this fall, moving away from pastels and neon into neutrals and deep earth tones. This was a trend seen all over the city. Chris, 18, wore mustard straight-leg jeans, paired with boat shoes, a light blue striped button-down, and a navy/orange belt. When asked about the inspiration behind his outfit, he said, “I don’t usually dress up, unless I haven’t done my laundry.”

Boston street fashion can’t be defined because it comes from within; no explanation is necessary. Street style’s definition will always be manipulated or duplicated. Are we ripping up the pages to the stylebook, or are we rewriting it? This year we are doing both.


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