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Love in the Ski

By Tanesha Baroa

The sleek dark wood of the full bar, mixed with the dramatic red floor-to-ceiling curtains, set a sophisticated mood for a fashionable event. On September 30, Lasell College alumna Alyssa Davis held a showcase at the Greatest Bar, located in Boston, for her handmade jewelry line, Skiler Love (pronounced Sky-ler), featuring her latest collection, Bohemian Luxe.

The showcase was held on the fourth floor, which boasted a large open space with high ceilings. The walls were plastered with historical images, including Paul Revere, JFK, and the Boston Tea Party. The place was buzzing with eager anticipation and pounding indie music before the models hit the runway. When they did, all eyes were on them and the creative pieces they displayed. The dim lighting of the hanging chandeliers helped to create a chic feel to the event. When the show ended, the audience gave off an energetic vibe, before the models posed for cameras as they continued to display Davis’s fabulous pieces. Later on in the evening, the guests mingled and viewed the jewelry laid out on mannequins.

Davis, a native New Yorker, studied fashion retail and merchandising during her time at Lasell College. She commented that jewelry making did not start out as a serious art form for her: “I haven’t had any formal training, I’m just kind of self-taught. I don’t even sketch most of my stuff. I’ll start to sketch it and then I’ll end up changing it when I’m creating it that way.”

When asked how she decided on the name Skiler Love, Davis said, “It’s funny because it really doesn’t have that much of a story behind it. I just always loved the name.”

Although Davis didn’t study design, she mentioned that her studies at Lasell College benefited her when it came to selling the line: “That’s probably like half or more of what I do. Designing is a huge part but it’s also figuring out who your target market is, who you’re going sell to, and how you’re going do that.”

Skiler Love offers a range of products including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, rings, and body chains. Davis’s favorite piece in her Bohemian Luxe collection is the Calypso Body Chain, which she wore during the event. The chain features a Y-shaped design in both the back and the front. The Calypso Body Chain flatters a woman’s figure with a deep V in the front that elongates the neck. The gunmetal chain wraps around the waist and plays up the thinnest part of a woman’s midsection. The Calypso Body Chain is offered in three different sizes to fit various body types.

“I feel like you can wear it with anything. I can wear it with a dress, a maxi skirt, and it’s great. I can wear it with jeans and a tee and put a blazer over it. It’s probably the most versatile piece I have in my collection,” said Davis of the head-turning piece. An item like the Calypso Body Chain takes her anywhere from forty-five minutes to an hour to make and is one of her simpler pieces.

The necklaces in the Bohemian Luxe collection are both ornate and simple. The Grunge Affair Necklace has multiple pendants and chains with handcrafted skulls and turquoise beads. This piece will jazz up any outfit that is lacking in color or edge. For a simpler piece, the Vita is a perfect everyday piece that adds a sleek complement to any outfit.
The bracelets in the Bohemian Luxe collection are great for stacking and giving a laid-back vibe. Designed in pink, blue, white, and green, these bracelets feature ivory skulls and the Skiler Love charm. As a statement piece, the Fringe Arm Candy is for a girl who wants to stray away from the conventional wrist bracelet. The Fringe Arm Candy wraps around the arm above and below the elbow, to create a complex but easy to wear look. It comes with three adjustable arm bands, making it a no-worry piece that will stay put.

For people who want to design or make their own jewelry Davis advised, “See where your inspiration takes you. Just kind of go where your gut feeling is, and if it doesn’t feel right, then wait a little bit, and if it does, then just kind of go into it headfirst.”

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