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The LAP Gallery: The Ever Changing world of Falco and Anderson

By Mary Pavlu

Pat Falco and Elliot Anderson’s art gallery, Lincoln Arts Project, has something that most Boston galleries do not possess – originality.

“We show local artists. We don’t show landscapes and shit that will sell. We try to avoid that; this is all about making a ‘we’re not that kind of gallery’ statement.”

In different galleries of LAP, conventional artistry is certainly not present. Two years ago, Falco and Anderson were inspired to put on an art show that attracted local residents. Anderson worked in an art supplies store at the time that became the gallery later. Together they now own the two floors in the building and put on shows every four to six weeks that amount to 20 shows yearly.

“We brainstorm ideas and usually bring in somebody from outside to co-curate the show,” Falco said of the way they develop the gallery showings.

LAP, 631 A Tremont St, Boston is essentially sustained by local artists, but Falco and Anderson still decide which artist shows. In the beginning, the two sought out artists, but now since the gallery has made a name for itself, they choose what art will be displayed based on submissions.

“We’re picky,” Anderson warned.

LAP is now presenting its first dual gallery, featuring the group show “New Spins” and local artist Charlie Smith’s “Playing With Dolls.”

“New Spins” line the walls of the first floor with what appear to be famous album covers. A closer look reveals the originality of the artwork: local artists interpreting popular music. Some pieces were easy to identify, like Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger, a depiction of a scowling cat, by Becky Margraf. Others were not so obvious, like the eccentric and busy Tom Tom Club’s self-titled album by Sheryl Pace. Artist Will Bruno’s interactive interpretation of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ Up From Below used “zero” magnets that viewers could move around with a magnetic wand.

“I like the idea [of ‘New Spins’],” Anderson said. “The DJ used the actual albums on display at the opening, so that was fun and pretty interactive.”

"New Spins" stole the show, but there was a lot to be found downstairs. The lower floor featured suit jackets of various colors decorated with sexually explicit words. In the middle stood white and green plastic sculptures of women’s rear ends, among other body parts.

“I like it because it’s disgusting,” Falco said of "New Spins," laughing. “The two crowds at the opening were really different. They didn’t really mix.”

The exhibit ran from September 26 - October 20, and Falco and Anderson have big plans for the future.

First, they are creating a mural painting program where artists will collaborate and paint random walls around the Waltham area. Falco and Anderson have already painted a mural themselves on the side of the LAP gallery building

In April, the two will embark on a quest to collect poster art by various artists in seven different cities. Once back in Waltham, they plan to create an exhibit with more than 100 posters on display. It will be their second time producing a poster show; last year they had about 400 people attend the first show, their biggest turnout ever. They expect more this year considering their hope to have a more expansive collection.

“We did a show here, like, half the size and it went really well,” Anderson said. “We had a line of people to get posters; we had an article in the Globe… Now we’re doing it bigger; we’re just waiting on the funds.”

Other than the poster show, the murals, and a plethora of creative ideas in the works, Falco and Anderson want to add art studios in the gallery.

“We’re focused more on projects than selling work,” Falco said. “We’re different from other galleries like that.”

Point proven.

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