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Style Q&A

By Lindsay Feeney

Q: Are there fall/winter clothes that will still be in style for next spring?
Trends do change with the seasons, but luckily there are transition pieces that can be worked into an off-season wardrobe. Color is an integral element of fashion, and this fall was filled with neutrals. The neutral color palette is expected to carry over into the spring season, along with pops of pink and sea-foam green.
Transparent chiffon blouses were prominent fashion staples during fall 2011, and we will be seeing even more of this trend in the upcoming spring months. Spring’s play with transparency will include the blouses we fell in love with last season but will also appear in feminine cutouts and netted garments.
Nontraditional hemlines on skirts and dresses appeared at the end of fall 2011, which gives us reason to believe that more will be emerging in springtime fashions. If you were one of the few who rocked a high-low, mid-calf, or handkerchief hemline this fall, feel free to incorporate that piece into outfits during the spring and summer months.
Q: What do you think will be the perfect spring outfit?
If it’s a pleasant day in terms of weather, the perfect spring outfit consists of three crucial pieces: a top, a skirt, and a jacket.
The top would be a basic, slightly cropped style in the vibrant sea-foam color that splashed across spring runways. This is a standout color for the spring season, so don’t drown it out with extraneous pattern detail. Pairing the shirt with a pleated tan, mid-calf skirt in a chiffon material will add interesting texture and movement to the ensemble. The icing on the outfit would be the jacket: a translucent raincoat. This unique item gives an edgy, futuristic look to any ensemble and protects your stylish outfit from any unexpected April showers.
If your personal style is more masculine, swap the feminine skirt for a pair of simple white or black jeans. The crisp white will lighten the look, while the black will create a harder appearance. No matter which look caters more to your personal style, add some edge to your outfit via a gold chain necklace or studded cuff to fashionably offset spring’s typical feminine vibe.
Q: I love my UGG boots, but I feel they aren’t “in” anymore. What do you think?
UGG boots are surrounded by controversy, as they have been named both the most comfortable and the most unattractive shoe on the market. When living through cold New England winters, to UGG or not to UGG is a very tough choice. Though the sheep-wool-lined boots insulate, the warmth may come at the cost of your fashionista nametag.
If you’re unhappy with the aesthetic of your UGGs but love the comfort and warmth they provide, I suggest looking into brands like The North Face and Columbia. Boots from these designers are built to keep your toes toasty, but unlike the classic UGG, these brands offer a variety of styles.
The most important thing to remember when choosing your winter footwear, or any piece of your wardrobe, is to stay true to your personal style. If the feeling of UGGs on your feet won you over despite their appearance, keep on wearing them. Keep in mind that it’s not what you’re wearing; it’s how you wear it.

Illustrations By Maryah Duplissie

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