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More than Good

By L. Angel Morales

Boston’s Beacon Hill offers allure, architecture, prestige, and history; it also offers a store that brings good inspiration to everyone. Good is a timeless and sophisticated home goods, accessories, and curiosities store. The store is located at 88 Charles Street, which is the epicenter for shopping at the foot of the Beacon Hill area. Good first opened eleven years ago, offering only home goods. Since then, the store has expanded its merchandise and has become a unique place to find gifts, accessories, or whimsy décor.
Owner Paul Niski worked in New York’s fashion industry for many years, which trained a sophisticated eye that is readily apparent in good’s aesthetic. Niski realized his love for Boston and decided that Beacon Hill was the perfect location for his store and his vision. “It’s a real neighborhood, peaceful and intimate, a perfect environment for good,” said Niski. Though the store is very small in terms of square footage, it makes up for that in intimacy. The interior is bathed in light, with neutral colors that make the store seem spacious enough for the amount of merchandise that is on the selling floor. The arched windows not only are architecturally pleasing but also allow a great deal of natural light into the space, creating an inviting atmosphere.
With respect to community, good fits in seamlessly with the Beacon Hill crowd. Owner Paul Niski and Manager Katie Baillie strive to create a friendly, personal relationship with their customers. Whether they help a customer find gifting ideas or invite someone to try on a well-crafted piece of jewelry, Niski and Baillie aim to please every customer who walks through their door.
The Goods
The goal of good is to offer unique items to customers. To achieve this, the owner mainly works with New York-based designers who produce handmade products. Good’s merchandise is timeless and sophisticated, making each item a great buy that can be worn at different life stages. The store sells merchandise such as small decorative goods, vintage and antique objects, handbags and other leather goods, and jewelry for both men and women, at various price points. The owners try to bring new items into good on a monthly basis, offering customers consistent motivation to stop by and see what’s new.

Photos By L. Angel Morales

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