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Daniel Hernandez

By Julie Pomphrett

Daniel Hernandez is a Colombian-born American fashion designer who grew up with a flair for the industry. “Since I was seven years old, I remember cutting the legs off a pair of jeans and making pillows out of them,” Hernandez said. “Lucky for me it runs in the family; my grandmother was a fashion designer and my grandfather made shoes for a living, so it was easy to learn the basics.”
Hernandez attended the School of Fashion Design in Boston, where he competed with more experienced New England designers to win the Alfred Fiandaca Award of Excellence. After two years in Boston, he transferred to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. During his time at FIT, Hernandez studied in Paris, where he had the opportunity to learn more about fashion in its birthplace. “To get to where I am today took a lot of work, but I am proud to say today all I do is fashion, and I live off of it,” said Hernandez.
Hernandez has been a part of Boston Fashion Week for sixteen years. He has produced four flourishing fashion shows with his own team, stylists, makeup artists, and models. Each year, Hernandez creates a unique collection, enhanced by the line’s theme, one-of-a-kind garments, and intriguing names. For example, Hernandez’s two past collections were named Androgynoux and Under-DE-Construction. The Androgynoux collection’s theme was the combining of masculine and feminine characteristics. This collection was designed to send a message to women that they can take control and be leaders, while the Under-DE- Construction collection was considered to be “the art of reinventing yourself.” This year, Hernandez showed off a collection titled Anomaly at Boston Fashion Week. “I wanted to do something opposite from what we see in the industry today, so I decided to combine textures and colors that are not very much used, and after doing some research I felt that the name Anomaly perfectly describes my collection this year,” said Hernandez. The definition of the word anomaly is something that deviates from what is normal or expected. Through Anomaly, Hernandez wants consumers to wear his clothes and feel confident and empowered when they put on his designs.
The backdrop of Anomaly’s show was an on-screen makeover of a female model going through hair and makeup before hitting the runway, with background music and a robot voice repeatedly saying, “Anomaly.” The end of the video showed the finished product: the model wearing a one-shoulder black dress, her look matted and her hair in a messy bun. At the last frame of the video, the same model appeared on the runway with a bang.
Leather, rubber, and traditional fabrics were used constantly in the Anomaly collection. Garments ranged from work attire, to formal wear, to clothes for a night out on the town, all in a variety of blacks and vibrant colors such as orange and green. The color scheme and materials made each piece a hit, but what strengthened the one-of-a-kind quality was the exquisite, unique cut of the clothes. Some skirts were cut into a diamond at the hem, and shirts were cut sharply off the shoulders. “My favorite design was the finale dress: it was constructed out of recycled materials and it took me over three months to finish. It weighs about fifteen pounds and the inside skeleton is made of metal. I was so happy with the way the model RED presented it on the runway,” said Hernandez.
Hernandez’s designs are sold in various locations, including a boutique named Motley in Boston’s South End and a boutique out of Miami. In addition, Hernandez’s new Anomaly line is now being presented at the Wild Indigo Boutique in Boston’s Back Bay. His designs are stimulating, edgy, sophisticated, and unique. Hernandez’s main goal for the Anomaly collection was for consumers to gain confidence and feel comfortable in a new type of design. He has aced his goal and has a blossoming body of work to prove it.

Photos Courtesy of Daniel Hernandez

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