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Guapske Clothing

By Sandra Brazinskaite

Guapske creates clothing for individuals who are not afraid to make a fashion statement and showcase their personality through their own unique style. Guapske represents creativity, expression, independence, and individuality. The line consists of graphic tees, button ups, and v- necks for both men and women.
The creator of this brand is Mike Lopez. Lopez discovered his passion for design in high school. Strong social values and creativity gave him the opportunity to express his ideas through design, as well as to develop his own brand. In this search for creativity, Lopez has overcome much adversity. Lopez lost his mom when he was very young. After this tragedy, he was handed over to the state. Throughout his youth, Lopez was a troubled young man but had a yearning to be creative. In high school, he had a breakthrough in identifying the kind of art he wanted to make. Lopez had an itch for creative design. Art was a way for him to release the anger and aggression he harbored inside himself.
Before Lopez arrived at the idea of starting a T-shirt company, he held different jobs and worked on different projects. These were unrelated to fashion, and he did not enjoy them. Lopez’s interest in fashion and the energy and time he was willing to put into the field eventually led him to the fashion industry.
In 2008, Lopez became a graphic designer and started to translate his ideas onto T-shirts. The name of his brand, Guapske, came from the word guap, meaning money. The term guapske was used by Lopez and his friends as a joke and a slang phrase. Lopez said, “Guapske is a brand which speaks for itself.” Lopez’s company has the motto “Skeing is believing.” It is his way of saying, “Seeing is believing” and of believing that nothing is impossible. Lopez tries to surround himself with people who share his vision. He believes that to be successful in the fashion industry, you have to stay up to date in fashion, know what is in style, and put your own vision into the style.
According to Lopez, the most challenging part of his job is pulling inspiration, doing research online, and getting ideas from the outside world and society. For Lopez, the most rewarding part of being in the fashion industry is seeing people who support and buy his products. Lopez believes that to be a designer in the American fashion industry, a person needs to look for potential and discover his or her own creative twist.
Lopez always does what he wants. He said, “People support your brand or not. To approach your own design or illustrations, you have to use certain phrases, expressions, and styles and change them to make the Guapske style.” For any aspiring logo designer, Lopez’s advice is to “do a lot of research and promote your ideas through the social media.”
Currently, Lopez is working on next year’s spring and summer collections. The world can expect to see a lot of new trends emerging from Guapske Clothing.

Photos By Mike Lopez

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