Spring 2010: Retro Returns

By Holly Stephens

This coming spring is all about a playful yet romantic twist of vintage and retro trends inspired by the carefree lifestyles of the 1970s. It’s time to bring together a whole new relaxed fit for your wardrobe, stimulated by an era that included tranquil colors, wool knits, and worn-in embellishments. Spring 2010 is guaranteed to evoke confidence by revamping favored classics with a spin-off of cultured attitudes.


Fabrics are all about comfort and draping. Cottons, linens, and light wools work to mimic distressed retro textiles creating versatility in combination with silky chiffons, satins, and crepes. Plaid weaves will be featured in a variety of shirts, skirts, and light jackets. A nostalgic knitwear feel will echo throughout the season with macramé, raschel, rib, jersey, pique, and meshed webbings.


Accessories complete the retro mood of Spring 2010, with the appearance of fringed purses and boots, platformed sandal pumps, peep-toe Mary Janes, thin leather belts, feathered earrings, and oversized gold jewelry. These must-have embellishments will add that modern angle to set off the season’s retro and relaxed components.


Vibrant turquoises, plums, and corals add a sense of excitement for this spring when paired up with neutrals. Tarnished grays, pale yellows, soft army greens, and ashy pinks provide a unique combination while meshing with bold colors. These basics also create a soft alternative for more cautious shoppers looking for more versatile pieces.
Experts from top trend-setting publications encourage dimmed yellows, gray-tone blues, champagnes, and crimsons combined on textiles to mimic the tranquility of calm ocean sunsets, the rising sun, and the serene energy arising from dry landscapes.

Clothing Fit & Silhouettes

Styles for Spring 2010 will lose the confined and elegant structures featured this fall and will gravitate toward a romantic and relaxed fit. Waistlines will be lifted not only in skirts and dresses but additionally in jeans, dress pants, and the newly revived rompers. Details include drawstrings, knotting, braids, doubled v-necks, pleats, twists, neckline detailing, and delicate ruffles. Cotton petticoats, t-shirt and oxford dresses, soft button-ups, distressed tees, double-breasted trench coats, and oversized cardigans will serve as staple pieces in an up-to-date wardrobe for Spring 2010.

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