2009 Emerging Trends Fashion Show

By Megan Carlson

For most people, the future brings an infinite number of questions, possibilities, and concerns. As for the designers featured in the 2009 Boston Fashion Week’s Emerging Trends show, their view of the future brought excitement and ideas for new and innovative creations. SYNERGY events hosted the second Emerging Trends show after a complete sellout at the 2008 premier event. Boston Fashion Week included dozens of events reflecting the potential of the trendy fashionistas residing in the Boston area. The Emerging Trends Fashion Show was held on the night of October 2, 2009, at the Castle in the historic Boston Park Plaza & Hotel Towers. Produced by SYNERGY’s CEO Reaz Hoque, rising designers from all over the world came to display their latest lines. The show provided a great opportunity for designers, models, young professionals, store buyers, stylists and VIPs to interact. “Our team sees Boston as the best place to have such an extensive fashion week show,” stated Hoque. “With so many international professionals and high-end boutiques, the designers are able to reach out to ideal targets. We accept nothing less than a successful evening of high fashion and glamour at this year ‘s Boston Fashion Week.”

A crowd of glamorously dressed people lined the sidewalk next to the Castle in hopes of gaining access to the fabulous show. A red carpet lined the walkway from the sidewalk to the door, and a line of black dividers kept outsiders from strolling in. VIP passes allowed those select few to make their way to the front of the line and enter the event with no wait at all. Inside, lights flashed from one end of the function room to the other. The entire venue was dark except for dim lighting to set the mood. The stage in the middle of the room was lit up like a child’s face on Christmas; around it, chairs with personal name tags were reserved for the event’s VIPs. Around the room ‘s parimeter were a few vendors: shoes by Zach Lo, a designer line from London that was featured on the runway, jewelry, and even a sustainable T-shirt company. Guests could purchase beverage tickets and obtain drinks at open cash bars at the back and to the side of the stage; once in their seats, they could relax. Alison Cronin, Miss Massachusetts and host for the night, introduced Reaz and some of the designers and then the show began! The featured emerging designers included Emily Hancock (Boston), Angela Chen (New York), Christel Akouri (Boston), J’aime Lizotte (New York), Crystal Noe (Boston), Zach Lo (London), Skylier A. Blanchard (California),Claudiana Baranenko( Venezuela), Andy Jacques (Boston), Caitlin Allen (New York), Heather Luca (Minnesota), Keith Lissner (New York), and Nadia Ivanova (London). Each designer line reflected a different vision through a multitude of details, from the way the models walked, to the color of the eye shadow, and of course, their designs.

Jillian DePalma, who modeled for Heather Luca and Keith Lissner, described the event: “It was an incredible opportunity! It was so exciting to model such beautiful garments in Boston Fashion Week.” The overall atmosphere of the event truly enhanced each designer’s line, and the superb event planning allowed all of the designs to shine their brightest. The lighting was perfect and all the models looked fantastic; Reaz successfully put together a team of young, sophisticated individuals with innovative ideas for the show. Erin Tremblay, Assistant Program Manager, stated that there was nothing better than knowing that all of your hard work had finally paid off, big time! Along with Tremblay, many volunteers worked all day at the event, doing everything from setting up chairs and moving furniture in the morning to organizing the models and selling drink tickets at night. Without the help and dedication of the hardworking volunteers and production team, this event would not have been nearly as successful! The extremely well-organized fashion show was produced by SYNERGY and sponsored by Lasell College, Monster, Indra Salon, the American Heart Association, and other groups.

The show left nothing to be desired. It was divided into segments that featured everything from runway ready-to-wear to outrageous costumes. Between the segments, Reaz recognized some of today’s emerging artists, like Sophia Moon and Marcie, who performed in front of the audience while the models were prepped. Claudiana Baranenko from Venezuela designed a line of semiformal wear. Her main focus was the headpieces on her models as they made their way down the runway; magic, drama, and romance were thematic. Skylier Blanchard designed a distinctive line of fur bags that her models flaunted with matching colored tights; the line included a lot of formal wear. Nadia Ivanova designed a business chic line, NAI. Katie Dunn designed a line of semiformal wear; one of her pieces that really stood out was a gorgeous dress that was ruffled at the top and belted with a thick silk brown belt. Caitlin Allen styled a much sportier line. Her models rocked the infamous Chucks, which brought a light, fun tempo to her designs. J’aime Lizotte’s line, Shape Shifter, was full of zippers serving every function from decorating the garments to actually holding the pant legs together. The collection by Andy Jacques reflected his personality in unique ways. Crystal Noe, a graduate of Lasell College, designed an urban-hip styled line. Her collection was full of pattern and color; she used a lot of chain and gold, making her garments resemble club wear. Christel Akouri designed a line of gorgeous formal wear that was bursting with detail on every garment, adding extra interest to every piece. Emily Hancock, another graduate from Lasell College, designed guy/girl looks that reflected a linear theme.

Some of the designers stood out: Zach Lo marketed off his line of exotic shoes in his coworkers’ designs. This tactic was a way to focus his audience on his magnificent shoes. Heather Luca designed a steam punk Victorian line. Her designs really caught the audience’s attention when the models came out strapped in horse saddles and vintage-style couture. She used buckles, zippers, corsets, and headpieces to complete the look. Angela Chen created a sophisticated, whimsical display; her models all showed off the same pair of shoes, bringing a unified look to her line. The Fashion Show’s former contestant Keith Lissner graced the audience with his presence as well; he was the featured designer and used jewelry by Mischa Bella. Lissner’s line is worn by sophisticated young New Yorkers and some of the biggest stars today, including Janet Jackson and Natasha Beddingfield. His models rocked lips filled with blue glitter that sparkled as they walked down the runway. Keith’s line was amazing: intricate dresses with delicate draping that hugged the body in soft pastels along with flirty, flowing organza in bright green. This collection was very Sex and the City and one of the biggest hits of the night.
As for what to expect for the future, it’s best to leave that up to these designers, who presented a great daydream of the fashion world and a preview of what to expect next season. The SYNERGY event staff and volunteers created a landmark Boston Fashion Week event like no other, so be sure to mark next year’s show as a must-see. Learn more about these emerging designers at www.theemergingtrends.com.

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