Terry Tocci Designs

By Kristin Augenfeld

Terry Tocci, a native of Brockton, Massachusetts, is an up-and-coming fashion designer in the Boston area. Currently designing and sewing everything out of her apartment in Malden, her goal is to eventually open her own boutique and mass produce her clothing. Tocci started making clothes by constructing them out of curtains and tablecloths from the instruction she received taking four years of fashion classes at Brockton High. She went on to major in Fashion Merchandising at Bay State College.

Tocci recalls watching her mother get ready to go out as a source of inspiration. “She reminded me of Diana Ross or Donna Summer – from the dress to the shoes, the make-up was flawless. She would walk into a room and everyone would stare and be amazed.” Losing her mother at the age of nineteen proved to be a pivotal moment in her fashion career, finding that she wanted to constantly be writing, drawing, or sewing. “It was my own form of therapy. I buried myself into sewing projects and it was then when I was asked to direct a fashion show for a community music conference.” She decided that she not only wanted to direct and choreograph the show, but close as the featured designer.

Though she tries not to blind herself with “what’s in and what’s not,” she enjoys attending fashion shows and “girl’s night out gigs” to keep up with the latest trends. Weekends are for her 9-year old daughter, who often accompanies her on trips to New York a couple times a month to go fabric shopping and attend trade shows.

An average day for Tocci is spent as a Grants Administrator for Pathfinder International, a non-profit organization that specializes in family planning. Following her return home and making dinner, she spends what time she has left sketching or sewing. “When I’m working on a project or a show I tend to pull a lot of all-nighters. Time is crucial and sleeping doesn’t get the job done. So at times it feels like I’m working around the clock but it’s all worth it when you see your design completed on a model or customer.”

Having just wrapped up Boston Fashion Week, Tocci is concentrating on fall and winter pieces, while constantly designing evening and formalwear without always following the seasons. “I want my designs to be a classic like the black mini dress in your closet… ‘a must have.’” “Comfort shows and I hope to achieve making garments that can be a part of your wardrobe for a long time. Comfort, classic cuts, prints, and durable fabrics are key.”

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