Images That Klick

By Laura Notarangelo

Photographer Oliver Klink isn’t afraid to let his creative mind take over when he picks up a camera. A few years ago he started his firm, klinkfoto, in Boston, and he has since created a niche for himself. “I developed a certain signature style over the years by creating glamorous, emotionally fueled, and artistically made images that still work commercially,” Klink says when reflecting upon his work. Hailing from Germany, Klink is working to estab-
lish himself firmly in the United States market before “approaching potential clients in Germany and other European countries.”

When questioned about what sparked his interest in photography, Klink explains his vision and credits his mother’s confident sense of style: “I am a very visual person. I have an intense imagination, and my brain produces these strong visions of how I see the world. Unfortunately, I don’t have the natural ability to paint or draw all this - the camera is my tool to let people participate in how I see the world.” With his mother working the fashion industry for many years, Klink believes he “inherited her eye and feeling for high-end fashion design. I think it is important to not only understand photography but fashion as well, to be able to create meaningful and commercially successful fashion photographs.”

Klink is genuinely interested in beauty and style, which explains his focus on advertising and fashion photography. Yet Klink doesn’t limit himself to one aspect of photography and also creates “people portraits and lifestyle images, as well as images of products. I enjoy working with young children tremendously - kids tend to express raw emotions. They show pure joy of living in the moment; capturing all this in a photograph is extremely rewarding for a photographer as well as the viewer.”

Driven to build an emotional connection with his audience, Klink acknowledges that “the image is the end result of an intense creative process that hopefully awakens the curiosity and expands the vision of the observer.” Having attended business school and earned a Master’s degree in marketing, Klink “never forgets the business aspect of the photo shoot.” Keeping the question “what does the client want to communicate?” in mind while shooting, Klink mixes his business knowledge with his natural ability to make art. “It is all very simple. In the end my image has to sell the product. Not a very glamorous perspective, I know, but this is reality,” Klink simply states.

The creative process of the photo shoot starts in Klink’s mind: “When I arrive on location, I look for the right spots to place the model; I am composing the images already in my head - this is when the photographs are created. What’s left is picking up the camera and taking the actual picture - this is the mechanical aspect of creating the image, the capturing of what already existed as an image in my head.” A successful shoot relies on meticulous planning upfront. “Models, location, hair/make-up, clothes, and the theme of the shoot - everything has to be a fit and work well together,” Klink advises.

Aspiring creative minds should realize the talents they have within and have confidence in themselves and their work, Klink informs us. “Don’t try to follow everyone else,” he warns.“Believe in yourself and be persistent.” Speaking like a true businessman, Klink offers one more suggestion: “Learn also how to market yourself - without the proper promotion your commercial success is likely to fail.”

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