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Purchasing a card for someone has become such a chore because the act of card giving has lost its value. However, Lovepop Cards is a company dedicated to making greeting cards special again. These intricate, handcrafted cards act as gifts. Lovepop sells 3-D pop-up cards for any and every occasion or holiday...

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Upcycling Treasure Trove

When it comes to looking for rare items of clothing and accessories, the fashion world turns to thrift stores, flea markets, and online boutiques. But what if that piece was a fork or spoon carefully crafted into a ring or bracelet? Interested?

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Hooked on Wire

Anyone who has worked with wire can attest to its difficulty. However, Dawna Davis, creator of wiredgems, has chosen wire as her preferred medium. Davis manipulates wire into beautiful, wearable art pieces that often incorporate clusters of unique gems...

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Art snd Soul

What do cupcakes, art, and “Sex and the City” have in common? Jamel Saliba, a local fashion illustrator known for her chic, whimsical artworks...

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